Use Bitcoin to pay your taxes: State of Ohio

bitcoin tax payment in ohio

Do you have a business in Ohio? You can now pay your taxes using Bitcoin. The State of Ohio has opened a new cryptocurrency portal where businesses can pay their taxes with the new age digital currency. Ohio has branded itself as the first state to allow taxpayers with its site

According to the website's FAQ, it says that Ohio has a brilliant track record when it comes to IT services and innovation. The state believes that paying through Bitcoin makes things transparent, safe, and also instantaneous. The website has also listed 23 different taxes that businesses can pay using Bitcoin. Taxes of fuel, sales, tobacco and a whole bunch more.

So, if you're going to use Bitcoin for further tax payments, you need to enter your state registration number, the payable amount of tax, and the tax period date. Next, you can use the cryptocurrency wallet to pay off the amount. Ohio will then be using BitPay for further payment process.

The website states that if you're a direct business operating in Ohio, then you are eligible for the Bitcoin payment, even if the business headquarters is located elsewhere. At present, Bitcoin is the new currency that's being accepted, but the state is looking for more payments option in the future.