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Gemini Data: Data Availability as a Service

Enterprises are increasingly relying on data today to pursue digital transformation. But not all can achieve it. And it is not because of the absence of data. Instead, the transformations fail due to a lack of access to the data. Gemini Data delivers its services to solve this problem in the form of Data Availability as a Service.

Gemini Data was founded by people who spotted the unsolved and critical Enterprise-wide challenge of Data Availability. Having served in the leading companies of the world like Cisco, AppDynamics, Citi Bank, and Splunk, the leaders at Gemini Data felt that data availability needed a full-stack solution. Hence, the company was established in 2015. The company today counts Intuit, Department of Defense, Volkswagen, Sears and Hutchinson to be among its many customers.

The AI revolution

AI is transforming business verticals and creating more opportunities than ever before. It is evident that businesses that leverage AI stand to gain and those who fail to do so may just fall behind. But data availability has enabled many in this digital age to get empowered by AI.

Although thousands of businesses pour in money every year to harness the power of data, many get disappointed by the results. Humanity is not going to be short of data any time soon with the proliferation of cloud computing and IoT but it may struggle to analyze the data available the right way. This problem is closely associated with data getting stuck in data silos which enterprises rely upon constantly.

Gemini Data to the rescue

Mission-critical data is important for the functioning of enterprises. It is important for businesses to have access to the data in their data silos constantly for the data to be of any use. These data silos generally lean on the analysis of data through legacy systems to deliver data availability. The legacy systems, in turn, use a ton of manual work and inefficient processes to make this happen. This inhibits many organizations from properly implementing AI and Data Transformation initiatives.

This is where Gemini Data steps in. Gemini Data helps businesses get access to data that can help them with their decision-making without having to move or copy data from their data silos. Gemini does this through its unique Zerocopy Data Virtualization.

Generally, an enterprise requires to connect structured and unstructured data using Data Prep and Custom Query Languages to have relevant data for analysis. To make this happen, an enterprise needs to form a specialized IT team for reports and moving and copying data before even getting to the analysis. The whole process needs to be repeated each time new data is incorporated too.  But with Gemini, the businesses are assured to get to the analytics faster than ever before by skipping all these steps.

The company quintessentially unlocks the potential of data locked away in the data silos by providing its clients with unified access to the data stored at the very source. And considering that access to data is a big barrier for AI, Gemini paves the way for organizations to undergo digital transformation without worrying about data availability. With data availability empowering them, data scientists, analysts, and executives have access to insightful data with context to make the right decisions.

The Chief

Tony Ayaz, Co-Founder and CEO

Mr. Ayaz is seasoned entrepreneur who has helped companies scale from being startups to IPOs. Prior to co-founding Gemini Data, he was the Vice President of Splunk. He was also a board member and one the founding members of Zoomdata. He is an investor and mentor at FOUNDER.org.

Helping a healthcare customer

A multi-billion dollar healthcare organization had deployed hundreds of cores of data infrastructure in a single platform. The platform had 50-100 users who performed analysis on this data. The organization had data infrastructure challenges which included data availability issues. It wanted a partner who could help them scale data analysis and enable data availability.

Their analytics requirements revolved around audit and compliance needs which ranged from auditing patient health record access to the availability and security of systems which dealt with patient data to both patients and healthcare practitioners. Additionally, performance monitoring of many applications critical to EMR/HER and core business services was also a requirement.

Gemini Data was selected as the partner to meet these requirements. With Gemini onboard, the organization minimized losses (millions of dollars in revenue) by optimizing data availability. The company also gained healthcare/business compliance. The organization was also able to automate the management of their data infrastructure. This meant that they had to rely less on additional technical expertise.

“With our data availability solution enterprises can empower stakeholders with simple and quick access to the right data to leverage as a competitive advantage.”

“We provide enterprise-driven knowledge across data silos to bring your data to life.”

“We understand the current data challenges clients face when trying to comprehend complex IT Data. We are passionate about delivering customer results.”