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ImagineSoftware: Committed to Innovative Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

When it comes to healthcare, the information technology applied must deliver better outcomes and enhance the efficiency of a health enterprise. With a vision of creating workflow-centric computer systems by tapping into his vast experience, Sam Khashman founded ImagineSoftware- a leading healthcare revenue cycle management platform. His immense experience working with high volume transactions in the manufacturing, financial and insurance industries was the backbone for developing the Imagine revenue cycle management system.

Speaking of ImagineSoftware, one of their very first clients said: “If you can imagine it, they can do it.” This statement has molded the company and has channeled its focus primarily on the healthcare IT sector. Today, the solutions by ImagineSoftware are used by 46,000+physicians in all 50 US states and in Canada as well. As a deeply-rooted value, Sam believes that “communication is the key, as is continuous learning” for innovation.  When it comes to leading his team, he motivates innovative thinking and practices servant-leadership to build strong ties with his clients, co-workers and partners.

Pathways Innovated

With this mindset and firmly established roots, ImagineSoftware stands proud today. In fact, the company was the first in the industry to implement artificial intelligence within its product. ImagineAI allows health providers to gather patient demographics and payor information while customizing billing messaging based on patients’ ability to pay their medical bills. The system learns and adjusts over time to maximize revenue without compromising compliance. Plus, with its intelligent end-to-end solutions, ImagineSoftware has innovatively reimagined medical billing and revenue cycle management. Clients achieve peak performance and measurable results with ImagineSoftware, even in this ever-changing, high-volume, ambulatory market. “Our products offer not only advanced technology and automation, but also seamless connectivity for a fully optimized revenue cycle management experience,” explains the CEO.

Among the solutions offered by ImagineSoftware, ImagineBilling™, ImagineIntelligence™, and ImaginePay™have to be noted. ImagineBilling meets the needs of hospitals, medical practices, and billing companies by reducing the lifecycle of claims and streamlines denial management to increase practice profitability. ImagineIntelligence is popular as the forecasting and analytics tool that helps clients make more informed decisions to improve business outcomes. And ImaginePaywas developed to simplify cost processes for both patients and providers.

Inspiring Innovation

The healthcare market is constantly innovating and at the same time, it is experiencing tremendous uncertainty. In such a market, ImagineSoftware maintains its stand as a leader. How does it do this? Sam answers: “We constantly keep our eyes and ears open to what is happening in the industry, following trends and taking note of major events that will impact business. Integrating both market intelligence and listening to our clients, using their feedback to improve will continue to let us set a high bar for our competition.”

When it comes to workplace innovation, ImagineSoftware’s business is technology. If the company isn’t on the cutting-edge, it is the last in line. Sam says that he’s constantly intrigued by the advancements in technology. “Technology touches every part our daily lives and much like what we develop, it is typically designed to improve a process or enhance quality characteristics,” he explains. One of his top priorities is to stay at the forefront of new technology and to keep advancing forwards. He also notes that Artificial Intelligence is playing a major role in all the industries, including healthcare and people too are realizing the role technology will play.

The road ahead

Speaking of the future ahead, Sam says: “I see taking this company to the next level by leveraging smarter technology and designing new tools that will continue to set us apart in the industry.” He believes that there’s more opportunity to capitalize on the company’s success while realizing huge goals.

“We plan to add a number of strong resources to our team while expanding our reach within the healthcare ecosystem,” he adds. Plus, ImagineSoftware will also leverage new and existing partnerships to give clients the solutions they need to navigate healthcare billing and reimbursement effectively.We wish them good luck to continue their innovative endeavors!

The Leader

Sam Khashman- Founder, President, and CEO

Khashman has spent his career evolving markets for various business software solutions and is recognized in the industry for combining complex processes into efficient, single system solutions. He has an extensive background in systems integration, process efficiency, and imaging systems, with more than 20 years in executive leadership positions. He has led the development and commercialization of more than 18 software products in all 50 States, which serve millions of patients and are being utilized by thousands of unique users.

Sam is involved in numerous civic organizations and was named “Man of the Year 2000” by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. He is popular with his publication works- “Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity” (co-author, 2005); “Capturing Experience with Technology” (2007); “Lead Like You Mean It” (2008); “Cause and Effect” (2012); “The Lure of the Cloud – Dusting Off an Old Concept” (2012); “Healthcare Excellence Despite Lower Reimbursements” (2012);  “The Future Informs the Present” (2013); “Why We Are Great” (2014); and “Thought Leadership- The Future of Healthcare” (2015).

A native of Germany, Khashman graduated from colleges in both Germany and North Carolina. Sam is a passionate pilot and entrepreneur. He is fluent in five languages and currently serves on the board of InfraGard National Members Alliance in Washington D.C.

"We never forget who we work for. Without our clients, we’re just a software company. They are the reason we're successful."