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Inbenta: A Leader in Enterprise AI and Semantic Search Technology

Companies deal with a lot of customers and they always have queries. But often the companies offering products and services fail to communicate with their customers because of lack of resources. They naturally end up having a low retention rate because of this. Inbenta with its AI-powered solutions enables companies to show their customers that they are really listening.

After a long stint as an Associate Professor, Jordi Torras founded Inbenta in 2005 with the vision of helping clients improve online relationships with their customers through technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. The company started its journey in Barcelona, Spain but eventually moved to its current HQ in Foster City, California in 2012. The company has a worldwide presence today with offices in the U.S., Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, the UK, Germany, and France.

Raises $12 million

The company in its Series B funding round raised an initial $12 million, as Scale Capital, Level Equity and Amasia came on board as investors in 2016. The funding helped Inbenta expand its product innovations.

Last year, as a part of the Series B, NTT DOCOMO Ventures also came on board as an investor seeing the potential of the company. Although the cost of investment by NTT DOCOMO Ventures was not made public, reports are that they invested $6.5 million into the AI and Search Tech pioneer.

A Top Performer

Recently, Inbenta was recognized as the Top Performer in the Enterprise Search Software category in the Summer 2019 Customer Success Report by FeaturedCustomers. The report was prepared by FeaturedCustomers based on authenticated case studies, testimonials, social media presence, and reviews from across the web. Just 16 companies met this criterion which was required to be included in the Summer 2019 Enterprise Search Software Customer Success Report. Inbenta was named the Top Performer among these.

An AI visionary

While the world debates about the application of AI and how the technology could leave people without jobs, Inbenta identifies AI as a technology that will liberate humanity from the everyday repetitive tasks. Inbenta has been leveraging the power of AI to help companies around the world improve their business results successfully and it continues its innovation.

Meet the Founder

Jordi Torras, CEO and Founder

Jordi began his entrepreneurial journey when he founded SBD in 1997, a professional services firm, with his brother in Spain. The company grew to more than 200 consultants by 2004. The company was acquired by Alten Technologies the same year.

Prior to Inbenta, he was the VP Southern Europe for Q-go España. He was also an Associate Professor at the EADA Business School until he found Inbenta in 2005. 

Working with an airline

GOL, one of the fastest-growing airlines in the world began in 2001. Today, they carry more passengers in Brazil than any other (about 900 flights per day). But the company used conventional channels like the e-mail, telephone, and in-person to handle thousands of its customers. Each of its customers had their own unique request which the company had to deal with. Hence, GOL needed an out-of-the-box solution and a partner to revolutionize its service and customer queries. The airline looked to Inbenta for help.

Inbenta was quick to observe that treatment of support requests on the various channels was putting a lot of pressure on GOL’s staff and resources. To deal with this, Inbenta created a customer service chatbot called Gal for GOL’s website. Gal used Inbenta’s Artificial Intelligence platform to offer support 24/7. In addition, Inbenta also installed its software which was powered by its patented natural language processing technology. The new solution gave the GOL customers the exact answers as and when required.

As a result, GOL soon had a self-service rate of up to 90% for its customers. One-third of the visits to GOL’s website were now managed by GAL and customer satisfaction with the online service hit an all-time high. 

Quick fact

Inbenta’s team comprised of linguists, software architects and customer care specialists created the first beta version of Inbenta Semantic Search Engine in 2010.

Everybody loves Inbenta!

We have reduced our incoming support emails to almost a third of what it was” – Toby Kelly, Knowledge Base Developer, Trane Residential

…significantly reduced incoming phone calls to our call center” – Ricardo Birtel, Operation and IT Director at Multiplus, S.A.

More than 30% of incoming e-mails are now deflected” – Luciane Franciscone, Corporate General Marketing Manager, Lojas Renner

Our patented natural language processing technology comprehends the intent behind customers’ questions to help them find the right answers and cut down on your support costs.

We combine enterprise-grade AI and machine learning with our unique natural language processing engine to answer user questions with unparalleled precision.

Simplify content creation in the workplace with document and digital asset management that seamlessly integrates with Inbenta’s AI-powered Semantic Search Engine.