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Lean Systems: Providing you Simple and Powerful Optimization

Technology has played a critical role in the invention of various machines that have become a part of our daily lives. For instance, the technology of flying to reach a destination has changed the aviation industry forever. Managing the aviation fleet, crew, and everything related to it is very important to ensure smooth flying.

We have with us Lean Systems: an expert when it comes to managing aviation. "Use Lean Systems to capture missed profit with aircraft optimization for private aviation," says the Founder and CEO, Sebastien Roy. With Lean Systems, it doesn't matter if your fleet is managed or owned, a single type or many, fixed or floating. The business aviation platform from the company allows you to automate your crew scheduling and routing. All this is possible, while at the same time, improving efficiency by 30%. "We can take care of routing your planes, scheduling your crew, or both combined," Sebastien explains. "Our brand-new technology is changing how operators work like never before."

Flying Higher

Founded by Sebastien Roy and Graham Mann, Lean Systems was established in the year 2016 in Montreal, Canada. Sebastien had previously worked in crew scheduling optimization for some of the world's top airline companies. This experience led him to lay the founding stone for Lean Stone. While working with airline companies, he realized the opportunity to imbibe the latest software technology in the same advanced optimization techniques. Lean Systems makes these tools as accessible and scalable for all its clients. The size doesn't matter; Lean Systems delivers to all across transportation verticals.

In just two years, the company has grown radically. The team has expanded to have industry experts in machine learning and operations research. The growing team has contributed to building the patent-pending technology of Lean Systems that allows powerful optimization for its tools. "Our amazing team is passionate about bringing top-tier optimization technology to our clients, improving their efficiency, and ultimately helping them grow and succeed," says the Founder and CEO.

Here's a brief picture of what Lean Systems delivers:

Constant Scheduling? No more of that!

"Our platform takes into account all FAR operating rules, as well as specific organizational rules, and solves your schedule in minutes," proudly notes the CEO. The result of this is that you don't need to spend your time in evaluating options and changing your schedule as requests come pouring in. A simple click on a button gets you to re-schedule and plan ahead of time.

Efficiency Improved by more than 30%

Lean Systems is well aware that margins are always thin! The company understands that operational efficiency is the driving principle of its clients. "Our brand-new optimization technology has never before been used in business aviation, and we can improve your efficiency by over 30%," guarantees Sebastien.

All the flexibility that you need

Lean Systems understands the flexibility that you need. "We know that every operator is different, and many have different operating rules for their planes and crew; often, it's different for every plane and crew," explains Sebastien. However, with Lean Systems, this isn't a problem. When it comes to constraints and individual rules, it can easily reflect on your scheduling. But Lean Systems can handle everything for you, seamlessly.

Implementation done super-fast

Generally, lots of training with long implementation periods are part of new software. You can say bye to that with Lean Systems. "Our optimization platform integrates with the operations system you already use, no training required," he says. "We take care of integration for you, and once you're set up, it's just a press of a button to send your data to us, and get back fully optimized schedules."

Tackling crew issues

To start off, the training time, tracking crew hours, and their time off could be very difficult. It further becomes nearly impossible to manage if you add crews who can work multiple planes or types and give prior importance to their satisfaction. It's again Lean Systems to the rescue. The CEO notes, "our platform can take care of your crew scheduling as well, either individually, or as a combined problem with the routing optimization of your aircraft."

Things get better over time

That's right. With Lean Systems things get better with time. "By employing advanced machine learning and statistical techniques, we learn about your individual organizational tendencies, and show you how to improve," he explains. The evaluation that's done allows you to further think about expansion, make real-time decisions, or even change your operations to maximize performance. "Your efficiency will only get better over time!" Sebastien assures.

Meet the Flying Hero!

Sebastien Roy, Founder and CEO

Sebastien has a Ph.D. in Physics and previously worked doing crew scheduling optimization for some of the world's top airlines.  He built the original Lean Systems product and continues to shape the direction of the product and company vision. Sebastien spends his spare time being a father to his three children, building amps, and thinking about the future of transportation.

"Every day you wait is a day you're leaving money on the table."

"Our brand-new technology is changing how operators work like never before."

"Our amazing team is passionate about bringing top-tier optimization technology to our clients, improving their efficiency, and ultimately helping them grow and succeed."