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Miaozhen Systems: A Leading omni-marketing data and technology solution provider

Multichannel marketing isn’t particularly old as a marketing concept but with the widespread adoption of omni-channel marketing, the former is fast becoming irrelevant. One of the biggest proponents of omni-marketing is Miaozhen Systems which hails from China.

The company which was founded in 2006 has grown in a splendid way and has fast acquired a reputation to be among the best when it comes to building a great brand vision, offering marketing and data & technology solutions.

We interviewed Miaozhen Systems’ President Jane Zhao recently. She gave us some great insights on the scenario of Omni- marketing and data & technology solutions providers associated with it.

Tell us about your company in brief.

We are a major third-party provider in China offering data technology and measurement science-based enterprise solutions to drive smart decision-making and fuel business growth. We provide enterprises with omni-channel digital measurement, evaluation and optimization solutions covering advertising, marketing, and business operations by the virtue of big data and artificial intelligence technologies. Founded in 2006, with proven experience and innovative technologies in the anti-fraud area, we are committed to helping enterprises build mutual trust both internally and externally, make smart decisions and drive business growth based on authentic and comprehensive data.

We are committed to promoting continuous innovation and healthy development of the industry. We have pioneered the creation of the iGRP methodology, and have participated in the creation of the mobile SDK measurement standard, digital advertising basic standard, mobile internet advertising standard, interactive advertising standard, as well as viewability and other industry standards.

How does your technology solve industry issues?

We provide enterprises with Omni Marketing Intelligence solutions which is an AI-driven omni-channel measurement, evaluation and optimization solution covering the complete loop right from advertising to marketing and business operations to drive smart decision-making and fuel business growth. We enable scientific business growth with our business measurement solution.

We quantify and safeguard every contact between enterprises and consumers to optimize advertising investment with our advertising measurement solution. We also measure traditional media including the offline display and OOH, branded content and creative, to optimize marketing investment through our marketing measurement solution. Moreover, we build a complete loop from marketing to user and new retail to achieve scientific business growth with our business measurement solution.

Who are your customers?

As a third-party marketing data & technology solutions provider, we provide our clients including advertisers, brands, agencies, and publishers with SaaS products and customized business solutions. Our international customers include the likes of P&G, BMW, L’OREAL, Wrigley, JD.com, Nescafe and many more.

Could you tell us about how the past 12 months have been for Miaozhen Systems?

In the past twelve months, we have adjusted our product matrix and launched the solution of Omni Marketing Intelligence to provide clients with omni-channel measurement covering advertising, marketing and business operation. We also entered into a strategic partnership with Shanghai Jiaotong University-Suzhou Institute of Artificial Intelligence for technology innovation.

Besides, we held an industry-recognized Marketing Science Conference with BrandStar, a marketing media. On the conference, Our Miaozhen Academy of Marketing Science, the research institute of Miaozhen Systems, issued a series of industry landscapes including China Digital Marketing Landscape, China Digital Marketing “Subway” map, China Digital Marketing Stack Map. Earlier, weco-issued the 2018 white paper on Anti-Ad-Fraud with Tencent Beacon, an intelligent mobile app data analysis platform managed by Tencent.

Recently, we held a NEW TV conference in China and proposed the concept of NEW TV (a collection of OTT, linear TV, DTV and IPTV) on the conference.

We have been awarded as the Representative Company in the Development Course of China Advertising (1979-2019) by China Advertising Association, China Advertising Association of Commerce, China Association of National Advertisers, the three major advertising associations in China.

What will be the company’s biggest challenges moving forward?

China’s traffic dividend is disappearing fast, so, the advertisers and brands are more prudent in advertising and marketing investment now. They have become more performance-oriented during such economic-adjustment period. On top of this, the walled gardens built by the top internet companies are further making the problem of data silos more serious. Under such circumstances, our basic business – advertising measurement, might hit the ceiling in the future. Hence, we are now expanding our business from advertising measurement to Omni-marketing intelligence.

Moreover, the fast-changing and innovative digital marketing ecosystem needs us to keep up. We also need to be aware of ad fraud and invalid ad traffic. We want to provide better marketing data and technology solutions while being compliant to the privacy laws and regulations.

The leader extraordinaire

Jane Zhao, President

As the President of Miaozhen Systems, Jane is responsible for the management and operation of Miaozhen Systems’s entire business. She has been at Miaozhen Systems since 2013. Over the years, she has been important to the company especially for their business development and brand building. She rose through the ranks to become the President of the company. Before being appointed as the President, she was the Business Development VP and CMO of Miaozhen Systems. Prior to Miaozhen Systems, Jane worked with Nielsen and CTR.

She has over 20 years of experience in the field of media research. Her efforts have helped her get recognized as one of the “Top 20 Promising Business Women 2019” by Forbes China. She also received the Golden Mouse 10th Anniversary Special Award for “Leading Figure of Digital Marketing” in 2019. She devotes much of her time to research, practice and development of new media in the internet era.

“Data & technology are the core of what we do. Our ultimate task is use data & technology to drive efficiency and effectiveness in business decision.”