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Sensibill: Championing the Future of Work

Entrepreneurs and businesses are continuously working. But while they are at it, they generate receipts. Lots of receipts. Managing these receipts can be very difficult especially for small businesses. To tackle this problem, Sensibill created eReceipts to help these businesses manage the receipts.

Founded in 2013 by Corey Gross and Jamie Alexander, Sensibill has been helping SMB’s and freelancers breathe easy by being the partner that they need. The company has been helping customers spend less time managing receipts and doing more of what they love!

Sensibill’s eReceipts directly works through a bank’s mobile app which makes capturing a paper receipt easy and cuts the time that is spent working on a manual entry for bookkeeping, tax preparation, and instant tax reports. Sensibill makes the data on the receipt usable through OCR and deep learning AI from over 150+ unique data types found on receipts.

Working with Scotiabank

Scotiabank which is the leading bank in the Nova Scotia region has an impressive client base which exceeds 23 million and has an asset size that is well over $1 trillion. But the bank was looking for a way to engage its mobile banking customers even when they were not banking. Scotiabank wanted to enhance its value proposition to increase the usage of their mobile wallet.

To make this happen, the bank needed to create a digital payment option which spanned the entire shopping journey of a customer. Scotiabank chose to partner with Sensibill to make this happen. Sensbill’s eReceipts made the bank’s digital services stand out especially with the value it added to a customer’s post-purchase experience. The integration of eReceipts made it easier for a customer to make returns and warranty claims, file taxes and more.

Partnering with Sensibill reaped great dividends for Scotiabank as multiple statistics showed increased customer engagement. Here are some of the statistics:

  • 23% increase in adoption, this growth relied mostly on the launch
  • 49 interactions per month per engaged user. eReciepts users showed 2x more interactions than an average mobile banking customer
  • 3% of eReceipts amounted to under $30 which indicated everyday household spend

This collaboration between the banking giant and Sensibill has won multiple awards. At the FinXTech Summit in New York, Sensibill and Scotiabank’s efforts won the Best of FinXTech Award for the eReciepts product.

Recognized widely as a leader

2017 was a big year as the Sensibill was widely recognized for its great solutions. The company won the Best of Show Award at Finovate Fall 2017 for demonstrating its +Pulse tool.  KPMG too named Sensibill on its “Emerging 50” fintech list in 2017.

Meet the leader

Corey Gross, CEO and Co-Founder

He is a thorough entrepreneur who specializes with emerging payments and digital receipts. He also has extensive experience partnering with POS, retailers, FIs and other partners in the payments value chain.

He has a law degree from the University Of Detroit Mercy School Of Law. He has guest lectured at University of Waterloo, Ryerson University and Schulich School Of Business – York University. 

Best Tech Workplace for Diversity in Toronto

Sensibill took home the award for the Best Tech Workplace for Diversity at the 3rd annual Toronto Timmy Awards. These awards recognize tech companies which have the best workplace cultures in 10 different cities across North America. Sensibill was adjudged the winner through the combination of community voting and the decision of a panel of judges.

Companies are realizing diversity is a necessary ingredient for creativity and success… Sensibill continues to provide the tools and resources necessary for diverse thinking and collaboration among its teams, recognizing the value of an inclusive environment.

– Mandy Walker, Director of Marketing at Tech in Motion and Motion Recruitment Partners 


Sensibill developed a game-changing application to make it easier for our customers to manage their purchase receipts, reconcile their bank statements and file their taxes.” – Brian Porter, CEO at Bank of Nova Scotia

“Taking pictures of receipts is only half the battle. With the magic of [Sensibill’s] e-receipt functionality, I get all of my receipts neatly organized with my bank statements, which makes life really easy during tax season.” – Adam Singer, Group Insurance Director, Singer Steinberg Pro

“When we met Sensibill, we felt that they demonstrated a high level of care for both the technology and the customer–and that includes the bank as well as our end users. We were very pleased with their willingness to work closely with our teams to ensure we built the best solution.” – Digital Lead at RBS 

 “With Sensibill’s receipt management solution, your customers can spend less time managing receipts, and more time doing what they love

Our bank partners have found that receipt users interact with the service 2x as often as the average mobile banking customer does with their mobile banking app.

Our receipt management solutions benefits both personal and small business banking customers.