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Unleash Agility in Late-stage Customization: Nulogy

“Nulogy has come a long way since 2002 and we are proud to be a world leader at partnering with our customers to improve their business outcomes in extremely challenging supply chain environments.”

Nulogy is a Toronto-based enterprise software provider, serving the world’s premier consumer goods manufacturers and their external manufacturing suppliers. Nulogy’s cloud-based Agile Customization Platform allows brands to respond with ease and speed to the variable demands of retail and consumer markets, including product localization, seasonal promotions, and specialized retail formats. Designed to optimize end-to-end contract packaging operations, and enhance collaboration between brands and their contract packaging service providers, the Nulogy solution leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to drive continuous improvement in the digital supply chain. By eliminating friction and bottlenecks in launching new products and promotions, Nulogy allows CPGs and their partners to unleash innovation, creativity, and agility in the consumer products value chain. The platform drives out waste on a global scale, reducing costs, improving product quality and safety and ensuring a more sustainable supply chain.

Deep Dive into the company

For CPG Brands

In today’s external supply chain world, there’s more reliance on strategic outsourced partners. That comes with challenges and risks. You lose visibility into production and product customization necessary to meet the demand of your retail customers.

Nulogy enables better tracking, order management, and product customization for your external contract packaging providers, all while building trust and optimal partnerships. This puts you in a better place to satisfy the needs of your retail customers.

Optimize Partnerships: Nulogy provides the intelligence to identify trouble spots, improve on-time in-full costs and speed, and define standard lead times across all brands and product types.

Digitize Your Supply Chain: Your customers require real-time updates on their inventory throughout your production and fulfilment process. Keep customers up-to-date on the whereabouts of inventory, materials and, production delivery times.

Supply Chain Standardization: Systematically track and benchmark suppliers against standardized productivity metrics to identify areas of competitive advantage and inefficiencies for each supplier.

Speed-To-Market: Work on an efficient, agile, responsive supply chain network that eliminates transactional overhead and reduces cycles to launch and promote products.

Centralize Your Network: Nulogy provides a control tower view of key metrics across your entire network of contract packagers and manufacturers, allowing you to understand what’s happening to your products within your external supply chain.

Streamline Communication: Eliminate time spent on non-value added activities such as sending orders, change requests, and status updates. Enable your entire network to focus on value-added initiatives that improve performance.

For Co-Pack Operations

Whether you’re a 3PL, a Retail Packaging Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, or Contract Packager, as a strategic partner to your CPG brand customers, you understand the changing landscape that your customers face every day.

Brand customers need suppliers that can meet regional, seasonal, and retailer-specific requirements for product and promotions with confidence, speed, and agility.

Your contract packaging operations need to handle fast changeovers, complex scheduling needs, accurate tracking of inventory and materials, and rapid order changes without sacrificing quality.

Nulogy solutions are designed specifically to manage the complexities of your co-pack operations — going beyond WMS and ERP solutions. Help your customers reduce excess inventory, penalties, high shipping rates, and overtime rates due to tight delivery deadlines and the specific packaging needs of retailers.

Labor Management: Balance fluctuating customer demands while ensuring you have the right amount of high-quality labour that is efficient and cost-effective. Eliminate under-scheduling and overscheduling or overpaying for last-minute overtime to meet your SLAs.

Visibility: Your customers require real-time updates on their inventory throughout your production and fulfilment process. Keep customers up-to-date on the whereabouts of inventory, materials, and product delivery times.

Standardization: Difficulty in standardizing processes, workflows, and sites jeopardizes your company’s ability to grow while delivering orders quickly. Document and streamline operations across your lines and sites to make sure your customers receive the same level of quality and delivery promises.

Operational Control: Eliminate the reliance on memory, intuition, or tribal knowledge to get the job done. Control your operations to manage and improve your bottom line, shorten lead times, and improve quality control.

Production Visibility & Control: Complete visibility over the production and fulfilment process with the ability to drill into data, perform live track-and-trace, and remove bottlenecks as they occur. Stay on track of costs and speed of fulfilment to ensure you deliver on-time, in-full.

Seamlessly Integrated With Your Ecosystem: Communicates in real-time with your customers and the rest of your business. Seamless integration with WMS and ERP systems allow both you and your customers to collaborate easily to make data-driven decisions in real-time.

Greet the leader

Jason Tham, CEO: Jason is a co-founder, CEO and brand ambassador for Nulogy. He is focused on corporate development, executive leadership, and understanding the evolving landscape of Nulogy’s clients. He is also on Nulogy’s board and speaks throughout the industry on the agile supply chain.

Jason draws from his experience in the continuous improvement and packaging groups at Kellogg’s highly automated production facility, and in R&D, manufacturing and quality at Magna International. Jason graduated with a BSc (Hons) with a Management Sciences option from the University of Waterloo.

“Nulogy began with a desire to be a special kind of company. We wanted to solve really hard, unsolved problems. We wanted to be laser-focused on delivering concrete customer value right out of the gates. Most importantly, we wanted to be a company that was meaningful.”