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Zilicus is the global leader in enterprise project portfolio management software

The co-founders of Zilicus were together working at R&D unit of Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) that offers CAD, CAM, CAE software along with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution. The company had clients from US (Aerospace, mobile, Technology co.), Europe and Japan (Automotive, Technology co.)

“We realized how these organizations greatly benefit from PLM kind of solution which significantly reduced Time-To-Market (TTM) of new products (NPD).” It was pretty clear that the factors which contributed to success/failure of product launch for these companies have been: collaboration, right resources were provided with right access to correct knowledge i.e.

  • Having greater visibility to ground realities improved the decision making process
  • Collaboration among team members reduced errors, work duplication, and importantly, members were aware who is doing what, thus it improved productivity
  • Operating & business processes have been clearly defined, refined and also aligned with software solutions

Why go for ZilicusPM?

Not all things offered are new technological products, what is unique about ZilicusPM is they have services that small and medium enterprises (SMB) keep managing and delivering. The company identified certain gaps in project management tools that are obtainable in market.

At one end, simple To-Do list, Task Management software being pushed to users as Project Management Software, whereas on other hand overly complex enterprise solutions are out of reach of SMBs and of the rest of the software available to users:

  • They lacked completeness, simplicity & usefulness of project management features
  • The performance of the web-based tools, the company used was disappointing (many customers have reported performance issues for existing tools)
  • Zilicus faced difficulties in figuring out controls to create project/ tasks, issues, documents, reports, navigating within & outside the workspace, etc. in these tools i.e. the usability was far from great
  • These gap & unavailability of useful, comprehensive, collaborative software made us build ZilicusPM online project management software. Essentially, Zilicus was started with a vision of building SaaS based collaborative software that will empower business users to make precise business decision through collaboration and right access to knowledge.

How is Zilicus unique? 

Like most entrepreneurs, Zilicus has hard-working fellows however it thinks of users first while creating product and interacting with them. The company has given zillion thoughts while building its flagship product ZilicusPM so that it will be complete, useful and simple. Zilicus products provide executive management with clear visibility for the projects; at the same time, team members find ZilicusPM immensely useful & easier to adopt.


Use ZilicusPM free trial and enjoy 30 days of using the full features of ZilicusPM solution with unlimited projects, users, etc. “We believe 30 days duration is sufficient to test full features of ZilicusPM & ensure if it is suitable for you and your team.” You can go for it only if you are satisfied with its features and performance. If you decide that don't wish to continue to use ZilicusPM during/after the trial period of 30 days, your trial will end automatically and no monthly fees will be charged to you. Your data will be deleted automatically. If you decide to purchase a ZilicusPM Subscription, all data that you would have created in your trial account will be available in your purchased account.

How satisfied are Zilicus customers’?

 “I sampled over 50 project management software providers. Zilicus is the first I have found.”- Ian Robertson, Director of Documotive, UK

“Zilicus is EXPLODING in popularity at our company. PMs from Minnesota, Colorado, Petersfield, & other cities are using it.”- Kristen G, Payment Technology Company, US

Nagin Kothari, Co-Founder

Nagin is second time entrepreneur with previous experience in engineering, production, and the automobile industry. He has worked with IT majors like Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) and Vertex Software., and also served as Director of Engineering at YagnaIQ, a Texas-based IT product.

As Chief Architect at Zilicus Solutions, Nagin pairs extensive experience in cutting edge technology and a deep understanding of application security, robustness, scalability, to create top-tier enterprise applications. Nagin holds a Bachelors and Masters in Tech from world renowned engineering institute - Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT M).

“ZilicusPM has emerged as a preferred choice of executive management as well as project managers across the world because of its simplified project management processes and high performance.”

“We specialize in Project Management Software, Resource Management, Expense & Cost Management, Online Meeting Manager, Team Collaboration, Task Management, Issue Tracking, Risk Management, Document Management, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Software As A Service.”