Apple is baffled with branding its new line-up

apple confused branding its new devices

Apple is right now facing problems with branding its new devices that are expected to be released next month. It is unsure how Apple will choose to name them.

The company’s series of phones are composed of iPhone XS, a luxury version and the XS Max which will have the same features but bigger in size and the iPhone XR which is cost-friendly with a slight change in the size.

It is rumoured that the line-up has a rough surface. It is probable that Apple would name its devices with the roman numbers like for instance, XI or not include them just like the iPads.

It is assumed that the name could be iPhone 11. The luxury version is rumoured to be called the iPhone 11 Pro, according to the same reports, and the bigger version is due to keep the "Max" branding.

It is reported that Apple will roll out the new devices in the second week of September at a media event. All three of the phones are then expected to arrive around two weeks later.