Ledger’s new crypto wallet has Bluetooth and a compatible mobile app

ledger nano x crypto wallet

Nano X is a Bluetooth-enabled hardware wallet from Ledger that can be used to manage your cryptocurrencies.

Ledger – manufacturer of popular crypto hardware wallets like Nano S – understands that the safest place for your blockchain-based digital assets is still offline. Their wallets are USB devices with smaller inner screens to validate payments. Also, largely unlike the other crypto storage solutions like the cloud-based wallets and exchanges, the private keys never leave your Ledger wallet, and hence cannot be hacked.

However, unlike its previous models, the new Nano X is Bluetooth-enabled, meaning, it can connect to smartphones. The Ledger Nano X, via Bluetooth, connects to the company’s second new product – a mobile app called Ledger Live. The app would let you check your real-time balances, manage transactions, and remotely install or uninstall apps on the Nano X hardware wallet – all without having to plug the USB device into a computer.

One of the biggest drawbacks with Nano S – Ledger’s previous model – is that it could store only 18 different cryptocurrencies. Whereas the new wallet has a redesigned interface and a larger built-in screen, as well as six times the storage capacity—up to 100 different crypto assets. The device supports 1,100 different tokens overall.

Ledger is presenting the new device at CES and its Ledger Live Mobile app will be available on iOS and Android on January 28th. However, your Nano X will reportedly work with other third-party mobile apps as well.