Netatmo to launch a new security device which looks like NFC badge


A French startup Netatmo that was acquired by Legrand is introducing a new device at CES event, the Netatmo Smart Door Lock. This device can be replaced to any cylinder door lock that is quite common in Europe than U.S.

In comparison to other door locks, Netatmo is unique as it isn’t as heavy-handed as other solutions as you can use both your phone and a physical key to open your home. It is not necessary for you to seek the help of code-based system or depend completely on your phone.

The key does not look like a traditional key, it is more like a NFC badge wherein you can program the lock to authorize the key or not. For example, if you misplace your key, you can deactivate it via the Netatmo mobile app. 

This key can be used for your front door, back door, office door etc. With digital keys, you can invite as many as guests you want so that they can open the door with digital key. By this, you need not have to be the first person to have the key.

Netatmo included an Accelerometer in the device to know if someone is breaking in. The battery might last 2 hours and there is no subscription fee. 

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