Actually, you don’t really need to ‘Safely Remove’ your USB

microsoft windows10 quick removal

Ever since we started using USB flash drives, we’ve been warned to ‘safely remove’ before yanking it out of the system. Now Microsoft announces a surprising change by confirming that you don’t need to safely remove your USB on Windows 10 anymore.

Windows 10 has a feature called ‘quick removal’ that allows you to simply pull the USB out anytime you want. Of course, you need to be careful if files are still copying, but otherwise, you’re free from waiting for ‘safely remove.’ The advantage of ‘quick removal’ is that Windows keeps continuously writing to the drive that’ll help in case you yank it out. Plus, it’s now the default setting for every new USB drive you plug into a Windows 10 latest version.

Quick Removal

Microsoft technically rolled out the quick removal feature in October last year, but it’s now announcing it more publically about the update release more broadly. But don’t be surprised if your system still shows safely remove option even now. It now feels like Safely Remove is going to the list of things that we used to do before- like not picking the phone when you’re downloading a new webpage in the early home internet days. Farewell safely remove!