Alexa Google buys podcast app 60dB
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Google buys podcast app 60dB


Google buys podcast app 60dB

A podcast app 60dB will soon be shutting down. What’s going to happen to all the employees here? Not to worry! Google’s here.

The podcast app was first launched previous year. It came up with a focus on personalizing short-form audio for individual listeners. The main focus was on Google Play Music and personalization of music was an important thing here.

The app was launched then on iOS, Android, and also on Alexa. This has further allowed users to access personalized short-form audio pieces inside the app. The team at 60dB has worked with more than 80 media institutions to produce hundreds of audio stories in the past year.

A Medium post by 60dB co-founders said, “Today, we’re announcing we’ll be shutting down 60dB on Friday, November 10th, and we’ll be joining the team at Google. As we considered next steps for 60dB, we came to the conclusion that to accomplish our goals we’d be better positioned if we joined someone with scale who shared our vision for what was possible with digital audio.”

Although Google has confirmed the acquisition, what the tech company plans to do with it remains unclear and unannounced. Speculations have it that Google may use it for future product releases. The podcasts are currently available on Google Play Music platform.

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