Bored of waiting for a reply in messenger? Have you played Instant Games yet?

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Bored of waiting for a reply in messenger? Have you played Instant Games yet?

Facebook games are rave among its users. After its played online where you can share your points, ask others to join and seek help when you are in loss, thus making it a popular platform to play games.

Days back, Facebook has introduced Instant Games feature in Facebook Messenger. Instant Games are now globally recognized with 50 titles to play, starting from Pac-Man to 8 Ball Pool. Addition to this, it has announced new functionality: turn-based gameplay and additional games. Developers can now, make game bots that will communicate with players about new levels or rewards.

The turn-based gameplay is one of the most highly requested Instant Games feature. A quick peel in the past leads us to games predominantly being played by single player, with Facebook relying on challenges to engage a user’s friends and family. But now, it’s more about two players. Leaderboards, tournaments, and many more engaging game messages are delivered by game bots that has been scheduled for update.

Instant game is a window for people to kill time while they wait for messages to be delivered and to be replied from the other side. While the app stores are filled with some good looking games with nothing much to offer, Instant Games can actually change the whole look of Facebook, allowing more users to install messenger and make it the prime mode of conversation.

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