DataRobot has acquired Paxata

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DataRobot has acquired Paxata

The Enterprise AI company DataRobot has announced that it has acquired Redwood, CA-based Paxata for an undisclosed sum. Paxata is a self-service data preparation and data fabric provider. Paxata is DataRobot’s third acquisition in 2019 and fifth since 2017.

Paxata is the go-to company for thousands of users including Petco, Standard Chartered Bank, and Nationwide Insurance. The company leverages Apache SparkTM. DataRobot will be a force to reckon with as it will become the only multi-cloud end-to-end AI platform with a proven scale and governance for the enterprise. The company will continue to support the Paxata customers post the acquisition.

“Data prep for AI has been a long-standing challenge for AI projects,” said Jeremy Achin, CEO and Co-founder, DataRobot. “With the addition of the AI-enabled data prep and enterprise data fabric solution from Paxata, we will now give business users the industry’s most complete enterprise-class platform to automate the AI lifecycle from start to finish.”

DataRobot also unveiled the integration of the company’s AI Catalog. It will help business analysts and citizen data scientists in preparing data for machine learning. The capability has been made available from yesterday.

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