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Twenty years since Apple's legendary iMac


Twenty years since Apple's legendary iMac

Over the decades, the tech world has radically changed and developed at an unbelievable pace. In this journey, there are few computer models that have laid the foundation for further developments. One such is the iconic iMac by Apple.

It was in 1998 that Apple introduced the classic all-in-one desktop at a special event. What started off then has molded the company and gave it a global recognition. The first ever iMac system was designed with a 15-inch CRT screen with the then trending 90s translucent styling and was equipped with a 4GB hard drive.

A Revolution

This iMac brought out the first ever PC designed for Internet access when these features were still in infancy. Interestingly, this was why the ‘i’ in the iMac was introduced. It wasn’t just ready for the Internet, but it was also ready to take in the USB era.

Coming to the present, the iMac is still a signature to the computing world two decades later. We have a lot of IoT devices today like tablets, smartphones, and so on. However, we still largely depend on PCs when it comes to work. Apple’s ever-growing solution today is packed into the Mac systems with Retina Display and 5K screens!

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