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Google Street View gets updated with AI and HD cameras


Google Street View gets updated with AI and HD cameras

After nearly eight long years, Google Street View has got a new upgrade which is better cameras that can take better pictures. This means the days of spot globe-like cameras mounted atop of Google View cars has vanished. At present, we can witness different type of cameras spotted for Street View imagery.

The refreshed and refined hardware can now capture HD images from all sides. It can give first-hand information to feed image recognition algorithms, offer key data for maps and other business information including place names, opening hours, methods of payment accepted and anything that is boldly displayed on shop windows.

With Google’s machine learning and AI, a lot can be done with the HD imagery data coming in. With better image quality, it leads to better, more accurate and up-to-date business data. This further leads to better results for the advertisers using Google platforms which is exactly what Google wants in the end.

Google’s VP and Head of its mapping arm, Jen Fitzpatrick says that with richer and deeper information,  Google maps may be able to answer more detailed questions that refer to how the world looks such as “What’s the name of the pink store next to the church on the corner?”  The company believes that better source of data should lead to better machine learning capabilities.

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