Actian introduces Zen embedded database for Data intensive IoT applications

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Actian introduces Zen embedded database for Data intensive IoT applications

Actian, the Hybrid data management and Analytics Company has launched the Actian Zen embedded database. The Actian Zen is aimed at software developers and device manufacturers developing next gen IoT devices. The Actian Zen is an embedded database for developers delivering applications to self-managed, small footprint environments. It is uniquely suited to meet the needs of such data driven devices and is available immediately.

“Actian Zen Embedded database has been the choice of leading developers and device manufacturers, enabling them to deliver data-driven applications with rock-solid reliability to millions of users,” said Rohit De Souza, CEO of Actian. “Developers are looking for a database that is modular, scalable and reliable that can handle the additional data demand driven by today’s demanding IoT applications. Together with Actian’s comprehensive cloud, integration and analytics capabilities, we are perfectly positioned to help forward-thinking organizations activate their data across the enterprise — from the device to the cloud and back.”

The database delivers a modular, nano footprint solution supporting both SQL and the more recent NoSQL access methods. It has an abundance of features that make a developers life easier in sorting heaps of data. It has customizable installation, self-tuning, easy upgrades and seamless backward compatibility, which makes it one of the most agile databases in the market. It also boasts of minimal memory requirements and exceptionally low support requirements which mean that developers can easily deliver applications to customers at scale across a wide range of platforms without getting buried by support costs or reliability issues.

Actian’s software focused approach is pretty apparent in the case of Zen. It features a next gen client cache reporting engine that enables the offloading of high volume reporting functions from production systems in addition to an enhanced C++ API that simplifies access to the Actian Zen database’s internals and significantly expands the pool of developers capable of building the next business-critical application on Actian Zen.


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