Now proactively detect and eliminate Data Quality Issues across Enterprise Systems with Naveego DQS

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Now proactively detect and eliminate Data Quality Issues across Enterprise Systems with Naveego DQS

In an age where growth is fueled by data, the quality of data that is brought to the table becomes extremely important. Naveego wants to make sure you get quality data to fuel growth and progress. The newest kid in the block, Naveego aims to design a new era of DQS and MDM products to proactively manage, detect and eliminate data quality issues across enterprise systems.

The emerging leader of cloud-based Data Quality (DQS) and Master Data Management (MDM) solutions announced the latest release of Naveego DQS with enhanced features for data quality management. The new solutions connect to cloud and on-premises data sources to deliver insight and critical information that customers can use to improve business efficiencies, creating a competitive advantage.

“We are constantly striving to deliver solutions that enable our customers to manage, monitor and maintain quality business data in the simplest, most intuitive manner possible,” said Derek Smith, Co-founder and CEO, Naveego. “Organizations are increasingly seeking simpler solutions for data quality, integration and management without the high cost and complexity of legacy offerings that were never architected for the cloud. 

Naveego’s DQS and MDM offerings are scalable and are designed to be a cloud-based management platform and connect disparate, siloed applications to proactively detect and eliminate problem data to provide data accuracy and consistency across the enterprise. This, according to Derek, ensures that customers have the most up to date information possible to make mission critical decisions that add to the bottom line.

“In comparison, traditional on-premises data quality solutions are expensive to deploy, require teams of specialists and take months before delivering any value to the business. Naveego stands apart by leveraging the cloud and empowering our analysts to quickly utilize existing skills and knowledge of our data to create quality checks to identify and begin improving quality immediately,” added Derek.

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