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World's biggest Bacterium, clearly visible to the naked eye

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World's biggest Bacterium, clearly visible to the naked eye

The biggest  bacteria in the World is discovered, it is around 1cm long and  visible to the naked eye.

A new type of bacteria has been discovered in the French Caribbean. These bacteria are classified as the biggest bacterium in the World. The bacteria Thiomargarita Magnifica are about 1cm long. This organism has the shape and size of a human eyelash and is visible to the naked eye.  

T. Magnifica was discovered living on sunken, decaying leaves of Mangrove tree. The organism cannot cause disease in humans and isn't dangerous. The only astounding fact about this giant cell is its size. Jean-Marie Volland from the Joint Gerome Institute at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory said that these bacteria are around 5000 times larger than others. She added, "To put things into perspective, it is the equal for us humans to discover another human is as tall as Mount Everest."

T. Magnifica was first identified in the Lesser Antilles in Guadeloupe in 2009, but Dr. Volland and her colleague recently put for a detailed study. One significant finding of their investigation is this bacterium stores its genetic material in compartments, unlike other bacteria whose DNA is floating freely in the cytoplasm that fills their bodies. It's a significant revelation because until now, it was considered that only eukaryotic cells preserve the packing of DNA inside a membrane-bound compartment. Eukaryotic cells are the building blocks of higher organisms such as humans, plants, and other animals.

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