Sberbank and SAP effectuate Russia's largest cloud project


Sberbank and SAP effectuate Russia's largest cloud project

Sberbank and SAP accomplished major HR digital transformation project which deployed the SAP Success Factors cloud solution and the process was carried on for a year. The firm’s idea is to connect all of Sberbank’s subsidiaries; total employees involved in the project are 270,000; the joint venture of Sberbank and SAP is agnized as the fastest project to employ a cloud-based HR system.

The main purpose of the project is to achieve transpicuous career planning and development, creating a new model of competencies and evolving corporate culture. The cloud platform will coalesce all the bank employees from Russia which enables Sberbank to realise the concept of a single internal labour market.

Employees can use any device to work on personal development with the help of the assessment tools, career planning, and online training. Managers can easily know about their teammates, make employee development decisions, and view their colleagues’ assessment scores.

This cloud solution can benefit the bank’s management to make strategic decisions about planning competencies needed at the bank, personnel development etcetera.

“We plan to achieve this aim by scaling up our business and increasing profits and efficiency whilst increasing flexibility, speed and client centricity by introducing new technology and cultivating a new sort of employee,” commented Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank Yulia Chupina.

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