Ambra offers cloud-based tools to two healthcare industries


Ambra offers cloud-based tools to two healthcare industries

Atrius Health, a nonprofit healthcare leader providing primary care and specialty care and Envision Radiology chose Ambra Health’s imaging management service. These cloud-based tools will allow both the companies to interchange radiology images within their health systems.

Ambra said that its platform will provide vendor neutral archive (VNA) and also diagnostic viewer user experience. 

According to research published by the Business Performance and Innovation Network, “The cloud is increasingly seen as the best path forward for advancing technology-driven business strategies, efficiently bringing new applications and infrastructure on board, developing new innovation, reducing costs, and improving business and IT agility.”

According to Reaction Data report, “Almost two-thirds of Directors of Radiology and Imaging prefer the simplicity of working with a single vendor, while over half of Radiologists instead prefer the functionality and possibilities of using multiple vendors for their PACS and VN.”

Jeff Emery, CIO of Envision Radiology, added that the cloud-based VNA and image exchange has helped the diagnostic practice “phase out the need for costly and time-consuming image transfer via CDs,” when exchanging images with surgeons and specialists.





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