Cloud Distributions makes a deal with TrapX


Cloud Distributions makes a deal with TrapX

Cloud Distributions plugged away a deal to distribute TrapX’s military grade security deception technology in the local market of Asia Pacific region.

Trap X is familiar for its cyber security defence technology and it claims that its deception solution provides real-time breach detection and prevention, with the technology aimed at deceiving would-be attackers with turn-key decoys – or traps – that “imitate” organisations’ true assets.

The company adds that the vendor’s offering, DeceptionGrid, provides automated insight into malicious activity that is often undetected by other types of cyber defence software.

TrapX product and marketing vice president, Ori Bach said, “This partnership gives us an incredible opportunity to significantly expand our reach across the region and ensures that our growing customer base receive the same level of service and support they receive directly from us.”

Cloud Distribution chief channel officer, Charlie Creegan said “We spend a great deal of time researching new vendors and new technology and how this will fit in and complement our existing vendor portfolio and partner network.”

He adds “Unlike firewalls and other endpoint security methods that generate alerts based upon probability, TrapX’s DeceptionGrid alerts are binary.”


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