Alexa Google Cloud is partnering with Pure Storage
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Google Cloud is partnering with Pure Storage


Google Cloud is partnering with Pure Storage

Data solution company Pure Storage is collaborating with Google Cloud’s Anthos Ready Storage Initiative after confirming that its solutions for data storage can be deployed on the Anthos platform.

The new partnership will reaffirm the company’s relationship with Google to help its customers modernize existing applications and build new ones on a simple platform. The seamless integration between the companies will bolster investment in custom-engineered solutions that are built specifically to improve multi-cloud strategy and bring about a modern data experience.

Google’s Anthos is an open hybrid and multi-cloud application platform that focuses on the consistent development of cloud experience. Pure’s Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver-based solution allows customers to easily deliver storage-as-a-service to their containerized applications on the Google Anthos on-premises platform.

Importantly, the primary computing environment for Anthos is dependent on Google’s Kubernetes Engine (GKE). This allows customers to make use of Kubernetes and cloud technology both in their data centers and in the cloud. The Pure Service Orchestrator (PSO) combines with Kubernetes so that customers can deliver storage support for containerized applications on demand.

The Pure Service Orchestrator brings in multiple FlashArray and FlashBlade systems supporting block-based and file-based storage arrays within one CSI driver deployment to bring about intelligent volume placement across the pool.

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