Salesforce unveils Interaction Studio at Connections 2018


Salesforce unveils Interaction Studio at Connections 2018

Salesforce adding to its already immense cloud portfolio has released Interaction Studio at Connections 2018. The Interaction Studio based on the customer’s online behavior at the company’s website offers the marketers a real-time, management features.

For example, the software can give suggestions on when to provide customers with the best offer. These suggestions can be in form of email, app notifications or even in-store help where sales representative can view customer’s past purchases and make some recommendations based on customer’s profile.

To help marketers better manage their campaigns, the Interaction Studio has a feature called Campaign Orchestration using business rules and frequency capping it helps ensure offers that are relevant to their customers.

Its Lifecycle Insights feature offers visualizations and analysis to help marketers get a better idea on engagement trends. So, the marketers can tell if the customers are responding to their campaign through various channels.

Interaction Studio was one of the many things that Salesforce released at Connections 2018, Chicago. With its new releases, Salesforce is moving closer and closer to its goal of providing an integrated suite of cloud software applications for marketers to help its customers find more complete journey.

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