Diligent Corporation is Acquiring Galvanize

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Diligent Corporation is Acquiring Galvanize

The modern governance company, Diligent has announced its plans of acquiring Galvanize. Galvanize is a global leader in SaaS governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) software. This acquisition will help Diligentbecome the largest SaaS GRC provider.

The Galvanize acquisition comes soon after Diligent’s acquisition of Steele Compliance Solutions, Inc. earlier this year. Both transactions are expected to close in March.But combined with Steele and Galvanize, Diligent has now completed the GRC picture. The company can offer its solution for Audit, Risk, Information Security, Ethics and Compliance to organizations and also to the CEO, CFO and Board.

“Risk and Compliance data traditionally sits in disparate systems across audit, compliance and risk functions and make it difficult and laborious to combine into one view for the CFO, CEO and Board. Together with Galvanize and Steele, we are excited to drive even greater impact for our clients through a completely integrated GRC platform so they can run more effective, equitable, sustainable, and successful organizations,” said Brian Stafford, CEO of Diligent.

The acquisition will mean a great deal for the $41 billion GRC market. Combined with Steele and Galvanize, Diligent will be able to ensure that all levels of an organization will have the real-time insight they need to manage risk and optimize performance.

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