CybHER Conversations is a substantial learning tool for students

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CybHER Conversations is a substantial learning tool for students

CybHER Conversations has laid a new way for students of all age to learn about cybersecurity and technology, thanks to this virtual program.

Many camps and programs had to make adjustments over the pandemic. CybHER Conversations is the latest educational event to be offered in a virtual format.

“We have found and research shows that a lot of girls will lose interest and think that they can’t succeed in cyber security and technology fields around middle school, so we are working to empower them to know that they can succeed and be successful,” executive outreach director for CybHer DSU, Katie Shuck said.

“The professional will tell them about their job and share the pathway they took to get to that position and then we open for questions from the students,” Shuck said.

CybHER Conversations will begin in the first week of June. This virtual program is free and will introduce students to various professionals every week.

“We’ve got kids coming from 9 different states so far and two countries so I think it will be an exciting program,” Shuck said.

The virtual program is for girls pursuing 5th grade and above, but all K-12 students are welcome to participate.

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