San Antonio College preps up for cybersecurity education program

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San Antonio College preps up for cybersecurity education program

United States Department of Education will fund for cybersecurity education technological upgrades pilot program provided by San Antonio College (SAN).

Joaquin Castro Congressman announced that the college will receive $68,996 for the program. In a statement he said, “Cyber City USA, San Antonio is a national leader in cybersecurity and institutions like San Antonio College (SAC) help further our contributions to national security."

The grant will help the college set up a lab for teaching students, and improve cybersecurity course offerings. Also, veterans can attend the courses and directly enter work with government (all levels) with the help of grant provided by the National Science Foundation’s pilot Cyber Service Scholarship program.

Castro confirmed that the funding is in process from October 1, 2018- September 30, 2020 and will continue to support San Antonio College to perk up its cybersecurity education offerings.

Castro stated that SAC is a milestone for providing future cybersecurity analysts and practitioners, and he knows this grant will be really helpful making nation safer in cyberspace.

San Antonio College with the help of the grant will train students about the Computer Information Systems faculty through simulated scenarios based on real-world, workplace-based applications of programming, networking and cybersecurity.

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