PGA the latest victim of a Ransomware attack

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PGA the latest victim of a Ransomware attack

Professional Golfers Association (PGA) has become the latest victim of a cybersecurity compromise. In a ransomware attack that infected the computer of the golfers association, locked down the critical files and asked for cryptocurrency in return. The threat on display screens read: “Your network has been penetrated. All files on each host in the network have been encrypted with a strong encryption algorythm.” The threat further mentioned that shutting the system down may damage the files in the systems.

The ransom demand had a Bitcoin wallet number- where the hacker wanted them sent- and the warning mentioned above. The hackers also offered to display their “honest intentions” by unlocking two files for free.

The encrypted files on the PGA systems had creative materials pertaining to the PGA Championship and The Ryder Cup, according to Golf Week. The encrypted creative materials included promotional banners, digital signage, and logos.

The ransomware in use was probably the BitPaymer ransomware. The BitPaymer ransomware was also used to infect the computers in an Alaskan town recently this year. This ransomware has been known to demand huge sums of money in the past attacks. But PGA is unlikely to bend to the ransomware’s demand.

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