Alexa Play launches cyber services favoring Allot’s customers
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Play launches cyber services favoring Allot’s customers

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Play launches cyber services favoring Allot’s customers

Play and Allot collaborate and comes up with cyber services

On the backdrop of the collaboration of Allot and Play, Allot announced that Play has launched zero-touch, clientless cybersecurity and content control services for its customers and consumers. Play is providing NetworkSecure, which can safeguard customers from cybersecurity threats, including malware, viruses, phishing and ransomware and EndpointSecure to Allot family. 

“Play is highly aware of cyber threats and wants to provide customers with easy to activate solutions to improve their security and comfort. The latest offering demonstrates our dedication to protecting customers both on and off the network” said Mikkel Noesgaard, Board Member and Chief Marketing Officer at Play. “Allot’s cybersecurity platform provides a flexible solution to protect our customers from both existing and emerging threats.”

“One of our primary goals is to provide customers with the solutions they need to protect their subscribers from cyber attacks and give them peace of mind,” said Vered Zur, Vice President of Marketing for Allot. “The Allot Secure solutions enable Play to offer cyber protection to their consumer customers while increasing brand loyalty and Net Promoter Score and generating new revenue.”

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