A new accelerator program for start-ups in Washington D.C.

sparklabs launching new accelerator program

SparkLabs is launching an accelerator program to give start-ups around the Washington D.C. a boost. For this program, SparkLabs will be looking at start-ups which are focused on cybersecurity and blockchain. The seed stage investment firm largely operates in Asia and is venturing into the U.S soil for the very first time. In the latest, SparkLabs had started an energy-focused accelerator program in Oman.

This program though is targeting the start-ups around the Washington D.C. area and is to start from next year. It will help fund the best start-ups in their vision to develop the breakthrough ideas in the cybersecurity and blockchain space. The accelerator program’s advisory board will be led by well-known entrepreneurs Mike Boot and Brian Park. Further, they will be joined by seasoned players of the technology world like Charlie Lee, Rich DeMillo, Eric Ly and Ray Ozzie. Brian Park said in a statement said: “We’re excited to bring the SparkLabs brand, connections, and expertise to D.C.

The accelerator program is named “SparkLabs Cybersecurity + Blockchain” and will begin accepting applications in January 2019.  SparkLabs will announce the shortlisted start-ups that will receive the fund in March 2019.