Snapchat is testing 6 seconds ads and no, you can't skip them!

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Snapchat is testing 6 seconds ads and no, you can't skip them!

Snap Inc. is looking for a way, any way possible, to generate more revenue from Snapchat. The company is on a quest to make maximum profits (and also prevent its users from moving away to other social platforms!). Now, Snapchat users need to bear more ads. But the worst part is that you won’t be able to skip these ads!

Reports suggest that Snapchat is testing “Commercials”, which is a six-second advertisement. In May, Snapchat plans to start the testing the new digital marketing tool. These 6 seconds ads will appear in some shows, but not in personal stories or the Discover news section, Snapchat announced. Users participating in the test said that it’s an attempt to see how many ads users will tolerate.

Considering that it has been a difficult road for Snap, Commercials may help with the revenue. Reports also say that Commercials will consist of high-quality ads from major companies that will surely come with a heavy price tag attached to it.

Be it from the disapproval by users regarding the new design or firing multiple employees, Snap surely had a tough year. Although Commercials is expected to generate revenue, there’s a high chance it may increase the distaste towards the platform. One can only wait and watch!


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