Alexa Nest Hub receives Google Fit and Fitbit integration
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Nest Hub receives Google Fit and Fitbit integration


Nest Hub receives Google Fit and Fitbit integration

Google expands its health integration from Fitbit and Google Fit on the Nest Hub. With this update, the Nest Hub can display the calories burned, the number of steps taken, and other user health metrics.

One thing’s unclear: whether this applies to all Nest Hub displays or just the second-generation device. Last year, Google introduced sleep tracking in the second-generation Nest Hub with the help of Google’s Soli sensor technology.

While the new integration seems like a relatively small one, it’s yet another clue that Google is laying a more extensive foundation for the upcoming Pixel Watch. The forthcoming Pixel Watch is expected to debut Fitbit integration, which will be the first real native Fitbit integration on Google’s Wear OS platform since Google acquired the company.

To enable the integrations, users must access specific settings in the Google Assistant. To link your Google Fit account, users must navigate to the Google Home app and go to the ‘Assistant settings’ tab and to ‘Wellness.’ From there, navigate to ‘Activity’ and select either ‘Google Fit or Fitbit’ to pull up the ‘Connect’ option.

Currently, there’s no word on when Google plans for a broad rollout of these integrations for the Nest Hub.


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