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Apple's advances toward Healthcare Technology


Apple's advances toward Healthcare Technology

The various contributions that technology is giving toward healthcare are tremendous. There are various gadgets and apps that govern your health data and keep you updated on it. Apps like Pacer keeps updating you on the number of steps you’ve taken and how many more you need to take to stay healthy. And now, Apple wants to improve and contribute more from its side toward people’s health.

Apple just hired Dr. Sumbul Desai, who is the executive director at Stanford Medicine’s Center for Digital Health. Apple wants to explore the potentiality of what the Apple Watch can contribute toward healthcare. Indeed, Desai played an important role in various projects concerning technology and healthcare. Earlier, she played a pioneering role in Stanford’s first virtual primary health care clinic called ClickWell Care. Now we know that Desai will lead a senior role in Apple’s growing health team.

Currently, Apple watches provide heart rate sensor, apps for comprehensive workout and much more. There are existing software frameworks like ResearchKit, HealthKit and CareKit. However, it is still unclear whether Dr. Desai will be overseeing these projects or work on a new unannounced project. Whatever Apple has planned, it seems to be right on track to make healthcare one of its priority.

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