Digital front door is the future of healthcare


Digital front door is the future of healthcare

Healthcare services have now started resuming work after the pandemic, there seems to be a change in patients interaction with their providers. In lieu of visiting a local clinic or emergency department, patients will be digitally screened or can virtually visit. In this way, the patient’s condition can be assessed, and a determination can be made on next steps.

Healthcare organizations cannot afford to ignore the technology that strengthens their “digital front door”. This essential capability often includes an integrated network of video platforms, mobile applications and web portals. Healthcare organizations would be wise to consider form as well as function in their digital offerings. 

“Patients need personalized healthcare services that can meet them where they are: in their own homes,” Bruce Orcutt, vice president of marketing at the digital intelligence company ABBYY.

It seems that the pandemic has motivated many hospitals to turn towards digital front doors. “Knowing how processes are performing, and where the bottlenecks are, enables healthcare providers to enhance operational workflows in a way that can reduce patient wait times, streamline administrative processes and overall create a more seamless patient experience,” Orcutt, of ABBYY, notes.


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