JP Morgan, Amazon, Berkshire collaborate to enhance healthcare


JP Morgan, Amazon, Berkshire collaborate to enhance healthcare

Amazon.com Inc, JP Morgan Chase & Co and Berkshire Hathaway are jointly working towards those issues which are a menace to the U.S. economy which also includes healthcare payments with employee health and addressing chronic diseases mentions Jamie Dimon, CEO of  JP Morgan Chase in the annual letter to shareholders.

All the three companies previously announced that they are planning to make a joint venture to cut healthcare costs for its employees and open the venture to other firms nothing much is revealed after that.“The effort will start very small, but there is much to do, and we are optimistic,” Dimon wrote in the letter.

Shares which act as middlemen like insurers, distributors and pharmacies were shocked to know that three firms are associated. Dimon asserted that the firm will give complete control to employees to access their own healthcare data and elevate telemedicine. 

The letter also included six focal points for the firm which includes payments with better medical outcomes for patients instead of paying cash for every medical service.



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