Mayo Clinic and Mytonomy associate to enhance oncology patient experience


Mayo Clinic is joining hands with MD based Mytonomy, the leader in cloud-based patient education and information solutions that leverage microlearning science to drive better health outcomes and lower costs.

Mytonomy and Mayo Clinic will create short videos to help resolve queries and concerns about breast cancer treatment raised by the patients and is accessible via mobile. This microlearning video will give a better patient and caregiver experience. Mytonomy is making efforts to drive its patients’ engagement and activation via its Patient Experience Cloud® platform.

“Mayo Clinic is a leader in cancer research, treatment and education. We are honored to be collaborating to improve the patient experience for cancer patients and their caregivers,” said Anjali Kataria, CEO of Mytonomy.

She also added that via the Patient Experience Cloud platform, there can be deployment of new microlearning education, track usage and tailor personalized information which helps touching more lives for better.

Conventional forms of oncology education had been an increasing patient motivation and also yielded in the betterment of clinical outcomes. But the approaches these days have evolved and helped in enabling greater personalization to meet patients where they are today for instance like Mytonomy.

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