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RightEye Detects Vision Issues by Looking into Your Eyes!


RightEye Detects Vision Issues by Looking into Your Eyes!

RightEye, a health technology company, has found a way to detect common but often subtle vision issues resulting from concussions and other brain troubles. And it does this by simply looking into your eyes. RightEye uses an eye-tracking station to quickly tell within minutes if you should go to a doctor for treatment.

There are certain patterns in which the eyes move. For healthy people, these movements and variations are all within a safe range. However, there are certain patterns outside this range that can be strong indicators of concussions and eye muscle problems. The eye movements can even tell you if you’ll have Parkinson’s and Autism-spectrum conditions.

RightEye for the Right Track

In order to track these various eye movements, RightEye uses a custom device that looks a bit like an all-in-one desktop. It uses a Tobii eye-tracking module that is built into a single-purpose computer loaded with a library of simple tests. RightEye calls this device as EyeQ and it simply takes about five minutes and releases the results almost immediately. The best part is the size. It’s compact and can run on battery for some 8 hours. The device is perfectly ideal for deployment outside hospitals or even in a school nurse’s office.


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