The upcoming Apple Watch likely to get Touch ID and sleep tracking

future applewatch might get new features

The Apple Watch 6 seems to be launching by this year; coronavirus outbreak does not stop this from releasing. It is rumoured that the features include sleep tracking, Touch ID, and blood oxygen level monitoring.

It is least expected that Touch ID will be included, we are not sure if any possible fingerprint reader would be built into the watch screen or at the side.

Some inside sources share that Apple Watch will have the old shape; no circular model can be expected anytime soon.

For the moment, the expectations of rolling out watchOS 7 are likely to be more for the Apple Watch Series 2. Apple likes to support products with software updates for five years, but the rumour is that the Series 2 is going to get dropped this time.

It is said that watchOS 7 might get a significant upgrade. Blood oxygen, sleep tracking and Touch ID will certainly qualify to be exceptional.

Health and fitness is what people are concerned about. This will be seen as a major selling point for Apple Watch series which will also be added to other smart watches in the years to come.