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Gongos — A consultative agency that places customers at the heart of business strategy

Gongos — A consultative agency that places customers at the heart of business strategy

Management consulting can significantly improve an organization. It is a valuable tool that every organization should take advantage of. Management consultants can provide external, objective advice and analysis of an organization that can be extremely beneficial. They provide a perspective from outside the organization so that the internal team can better address the issues and bring up solutions.

Gongos, Inc. is a consultative agency that places customers at the heart of business strategy. Partnering with insights, analytics, marketing, strategy, and customer experience groups, Gongos operationalizes customer-centricity by helping companies understand and activate customer needs. Gongos works alongside B2C and B2B companies in guiding strategy, insights, innovation, and transformation initiatives. From product development to customer experience to marketing optimization, Gongos helps organizations enhance customer retention and acquisition.

The company's consultative approach ensures internal adoption and implementation that inspire customer-committed cultures by Spanning the entire customer-centric value chain. Through its mission to reorient the relationship between customers and corporations to create mutual value, Gongos leverages two key pillars. Its patent-pending Value Exchange Model enables companies to gain marketplace advantage by strengthening Customer Performance Indicators. The model identifies explicit opportunities where providing the intrinsic outcomes valued by customers can increase Future Customer Value. Its Customer as a Stakeholder™ service model aims to enhance engagement strategies to ensure a more authentic fusion of the customer into corporate decision making.

Increasing your ROI on existing information

Organizations invest billions of dollars in consumer information. Yet, they often miss the opportunity to leverage and build upon the knowledge that already resides within their premises. While the root cause varies, lack of resources and time, insufficient data synthesis, ensconced inputs, and failure to democratize and socialize knowledge all factor into decreased ROI. Filling knowledge gaps with new data, integration architecture, and repackaging insights for broad consumption can help organizations resurrect information and increasing bottom-line performance.

Humanizing customers and their journeys in authentic ways

Consumers are often boiled down to numbers and categorized in clusters in a world where data is of utmost importance. While behavioral data is highly accessible and often a go-to option for the frontline, a disconnect between the "what" and "why" leads to consumers' inaccurate portrayals. While it's difficult to move an entire organization toward empathy, carefully crafted approaches that evoke the "why" behind human behavior breed visceral understanding and empathic decision-making.

Anticipating market and customer needs to fuel foresight, not just insight

While intriguing in nature, trends can leave teams scratching their heads. It's one thing to subscribe to trend reports; it's another to determine their impact on your business. Capitalizing on relevant trends and recognizing when critical mass meets market readiness means organizations avoid chasing the trend. Contextualizing cultural influences, trend analysis, and predictive modeling are all ways to inform future strategies. Yet, models must be sophisticated enough to capture the changing interactions among all at play. Foresight goes beyond understanding consumers' needs to anticipating them and giving confidence on where to place your bets.

Driving innovation to deliver on evolving customer needs

Consistently launching market-changing innovations to drive business outcomes takes more than just great ideas. It takes a relentless focus on the melding of mindset, process, and measurement. Developing the competency of seamlessly infusing consumer needs into the innovation process is frequently the missing ingredient in gaining traction and adoption. Organizations that use an agile yet rigorous approach to identify and seize the right opportunities create competitive advantage and growth.

Ensuring your brand strategy delivers on its promise

Consumers no longer take things at face value and certainly don't buy into hyperbole. Many factors are at play that have them questioning brand promises. Organizations are striving more than ever to create authentic connections that stand up to skepticism and scrutiny. Strategies rooted in deep knowledge of consumer values and emotional connections not only influence product choice but are the foundation for building reciprocal relationships between you and customers. A brand strategy positioned around meaning and company purpose further solidifies loyalty and lifetime value in this precarious and changing landscape.

How Gongos helps the clients

While most organizations profess customer-centricity as a rallying cry, a highly committed culture is key to enterprise-wide decision-making. Course-correcting internal silos, misaligned processes, and unempowered employees transform vision into opportunity and daily practice. Gongos' consultants, strategists, and designers tap into a wealth of both proven and proprietary frameworks to drive experiential avenues to move from vision to strategy to execution and from executives to the front line.

All companies measure the value they gain from customers, but few place the same discipline toward maximizing the value they deliver to customers. Almost every organization relies on outcomes set and valued by businesses, not those valued by customers. This legacy thinking has silently stunted business growth for years, but through the company's "Value Exchange Model," companies can now achieve more.

Despite continued investment in customer experience measurement programs, organizations often fail to connect these efforts to organizational ROI. Rather than fully relying on programs built around internal measurement needs, their teams combine an inside-out and outside-in perspective to creating journey maps that serve as the foundation for comprehensive programs that encourage not only engagement but growth. The company's approach to evolutionary change utilizes its roadmap-to-adoption framework that focuses on the long-term goal of creating customer advocates while acknowledging key milestones along the way.

Unearth the unique story of your customers

Humans are complex. Businesses run with the help of humans, and taking care of them is compulsory. Understanding their behaviors, perceptions, and motivations goes well beyond rational ask-answer approaches. Gongos makes sure that the insights are put into action, which means connecting the "what," the "why," and the "what's next" to your organization's objectives.

One of the essential platforms for understanding consumers in a world where personalization is expected is segmentation. It provides a way for organizations to create customized communication and experience strategies at scale. Purposefully blending art with science, Gongos leverages these instruments of understanding through the lens of your business needs, bridging the gap between stats and stories, insights, and implementation. Equally as important, personas enable organizations to connect with consumers by bringing segments to life. From video stories to true-to-life reenactments, the company's segmentations are illustrated via any medium necessary to create campaigns and bolster decision-making.

As a cornerstone of customer-centric organizations, communities genuinely empower internal teams to treat customers as stakeholders. These online environments are more than just a technology—they offer a strategic opportunity for your organization to forge ongoing connections with consumers. And when suitable, it can become an essential touchpoint in your customers' experience. As your strategic partner, Gongos adds meaningful layers of discussion between consumers and your organization to answer a wide breadth of research questions, to gain and build upon insights efficiently. Beyond that, these forums have moved beyond sources of pure insight generation to strategic tools informing all business areas.

Consumers increasingly look to brands as a significant reflection of their lifestyle and values. This truism creates an opportunity for brands to have a positioning and differentiated voice that resonates and delivers on consumer needs. In a society that is constantly being reshaped, ensuring your brand strategy is poised to navigate consumer sentiments while going beyond a transactional relationship is essential. Gongos helps organizations uncover unmet needs, ladder to emotional connections, and translate into purposeful strategy and positioning for internal alignment and external articulation.

Meet the CEO

Camille Nicita is the President & CEO at Gongos. She believes operationalizing customer centricity as a strategy for growth and building strong cultural buy-in will harmonize stakeholders. Beyond driving behaviors through impactful communication, knowledge activation, and change management initiatives, she believes adopting an outside-in approach to humanizing consumers is essential in a world where data is trying to win.

Camille stays true to the company's core competencies while nurturing new talent and operates under the belief that people realize their full potential when put in the right seats. She earned a BBA at the University of Michigan and an MBA at Wayne State University. Camille is the sole owner of Gongos, Inc., a WBENC company that was named a Forbes "Small Giant" in 2020. She and her husband, three children, and Westie "Gus" reside in Southeast MI.

"It's one thing to understand consumers and all their complexities. It's quite another to transform that understanding into meaningful business outcomes. That's where we come in."

"Customer centricity doesn't happen by accident. Moving from an abstract philosophy to a tangible business tactic takes understanding. Organizational alignment. And a plan for action."

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