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Acsis has specialized in lightweight, cost-effective solutions that fill visibility gaps in supply chain execution.

Acsis has specialized in lightweight, cost-effective solutions that fill visibility gaps in supply chain execution.

Gone are the days of the local server. Sure you may still have one as a backup. You may even have rooms filled with local servers, but cloud computing is the way of the future, without a doubt, and it will change how you run your business.

The cloud is a powerhouse built to run businesses effectively and efficiently, so it’s not surprising that it’s extraordinarily popular.

For brand protection, enterprise serialization and end-to-end supply chain visibility, Acsis is the best platform. The company provides an innovative cloud-based software solution and permits global manufacturers to enjoy actionable analytics and real-time visibility from people, processes, devices and systems across their supply network, with seamless ERP integration.

Solutions at its best

Acsis Analytics – developed for real-time visibility into products, assets, transactions and resources throughout the ecosystem.

Acsis ProducTrak – this application helps in the transactions and workflows of the whole ecosystem right from raw goods supply to retail distribution.

Acsis VisiTrak – data management foundation through integration with SAP and other systems of record; with connection to shop floor machinery and real-time access to handheld devices.

Acsis always at your service

Tracking serialized and non-serialized product from packaging through distribution

Acsis delivers a proven, end-to-end solution that permits pharmaceutical companies to balance serialized and non-serialized items from packaging through distribution. With Acsis, you can choose the functionality you need, whether you want to serialize your packaging lines or track product through the whole distribution process.

How does Acsis do the needful?

By applying and capturing serialization data at the unit, bundle, carton and pallet levels, yielding the data necessary for compliance with government mandates and regulations, such as the DSCSA.

With a single, consistent deployment for both Acsis solutions and proven serialization technologies so you can quickly and easily modify present packaging lines to serialize at the product level.

Through persistent integration with enterprise systems, including ERP, EPCIS, Warehouse Management, as well as line-level equipment such as vision technologies, printing solutions and packaging automation.

By matching distribution center processes (from goods receipt through packing and shipping) and managing that workflow, which includes the capture, tracking, aggregation and disaggregation of serialized data.

AHP and Acsis collaboration story

At American Health Packaging (AHP), a part of AmerisourceBergen, product movement was tracked on paper and then written into the firm’s ERP system. This manual process was not supporting AHP’s transition from a batch-based solution to the fully serialized supply chain that the company needed to meet DSCSA mandates.

AHP and Acsis worked together to employ line-level serialization for 10 packaging lines and the Acsis Edge solution for the union of all data including serialized and non-serialized. With the aid of seamless integration of scanner-captured data and the automation of shipping processes, AHP was happy with the immediate efficiency gains, along with the lessening in cycle count time and several hours saved in shipping-related processes each week.

Customer triumph chronicle

DuPont Increases Partner Visibility, Productivity and Market Share with Acsis Solutions

The challenge: DuPont like somany other companies have variant group of subcontractors, suppliers, co-manufacturers and third party distributors. Converting the raw materials into the finished products used by the military, first responders, and industry and law enforcement requires an extensively integrated, multi-level third-party global supply chain. In order to capture and share information among their supply network, the company needed an application that could connect nearly 200 unique entities.

The solution: DuPont utilized Acsis Edge Network which is a cloud–based solution solving troubles of visibility of product movement and synchronization of systems across extended supply partners. With Acsis, DuPont’s partners are able to exchange data using technology they already have.

To help DuPont maintain its existing security measures, Acsis installed Edge Network outside the company’s firewall as a partner “portal” for third-party order tracking, goods movement and delivery status. Information is exchanged between the Acsis partner portal and DuPont’s SAP system, via a secure message bus. The architecture ensures ongoing transaction security while providing instant information visibility.

The Benefits: Increased productivity and better performance without compromising security

As a result of the partner network visibility provided by Acsis Edge Network, DuPont has been able to:

  • Elevate productivity and order accuracy. By replacing manual processes and data entry with scanning, system extracts and data capture, DuPont is able to eliminate the resultant errors and increase employee productivity.
  • Gain near real-time supply network visibility. DuPont has visibility into goods and their status as they move through third-party production and distribution cycles. They no longer need to wait until the end of the day to be alerted if there is a production issue; they can intervene immediately to ensure on-time, accurate deliveries.
  • Maintain system security. Because Acsis sits “outside” of the company’s SAP system and firewall, DuPont is able to exchange data and collaborate with partners
    securely without exposing valuable intellectual property.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. DuPont is able to provide better customer service not only through improved shipment accuracy and on-time deliveries, but also though the ability to report accurate status to customers and faster triage and resolution of product delivery concerns.
  • Get up and running with new partners immediately. Like most manufacturers, DuPont has a fair amount of turnover in partners (and its suppliers have employee
    turnover). By establishing “instant” onboarding without the need for intensive training or a learning curve, DuPont realized a 90% decrease in the time needed
    to onboard partners.

Embrace the luminary: Jeremy Coote, Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy Coote is a software executive known for building solutions-oriented teams and cultivating exceptional customer relations. His leadership has yielded historic results for industry-leading companies such as SAP and Siebel Systems (now Oracle) and provided direction for new technology companies such as Chordiant Software and ICW.

Starting in 1988, Jeremy spent more than ten years with technology powerhouse SAP, building a highly effective sales and delivery team, growing revenues nearly 2000% for SAP America, and ultimately serving as President of SAP North America. In 1999, Jeremy served as Vice President and General Manager of Siebel Systems (now Oracle) helping to accelerate the CRM software provider’s North American market share and contributing significantly to its Fortune magazine distinction of “fastest growing company” that same year.

“Customers are able to gain significant savings in material costs, reduce their inventory levels with the help of our company.”

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