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January Monthly Edition 2023

Agent IQ – Making digital banking personal again through augmented intelligence

Agent IQ – Making digital banking personal again through augmented intelligence

Agent IQ develops digital platforms that empower the clients to deepen their customer relationships, improve customer satisfaction, and boost service efficiencies leading to an increase in profitability while reducing the cost of serving. Agent IQ’s mission is to make sure digital banking stays personal. For years, financial institutions have shifted their focus toward automation and self-service. This may be better for bottom lines, but it has removed the personal from the financial. Agent IQ gives institutions new ways to help clients optimize finances while staying connected to those who help make transactions happen – no matter how or where banking happens. The company and its team believes that augmenting the human side of banking is a much better way forward than replacing the human altogether. This augmented intelligence applies a pragmatic application of state-of-the-art AI and machine learning and offers the promise of unprecedented scale while keeping the focus on human-to-human communication.

Lynq Mobile App

Every time the banker engages with a customer who does not have their mobile app open, a familiar app notification will alert them that there is a new message waiting for them. No more fighting to get noticed in a cluttered email inbox, bankers can have direct and visible engagement every time. The Lynq mobile app can be branded with your logos and colors and unique name for the AppStore while having the full functionality of the platform or an app that you can seamlessly integrate into your existing digital banking platform. You can also make it easier for your customers to access their personal banker by integrating the service directly into your existing digital and mobile banking platforms. As a quick link or accessed from within the menu, the Lynq platform is seamlessly embedded into digital banking that your customers already use. One of the most unique features of the Lynq platform is the customer's ability to choose their own personal banker. When launching the mobile app for the first time, the customer is greeted by a series of banker profiles with pictures and descriptions that they can select from. The profile can be as useful as indicating a native language that they can communicate in, or as personal as their passion for cooking. Customers can choose their banker based upon the information that they find appealing and the engagement can begin.

And just as with the Lynq webchat, the personal banker can be changed at any time by the customer or by the bank if somebody leaves, and their persistent communication thread remains available. With the Lynq mobile app, personal engagement between banker and customer can happen at any time and at any place. The asynchronous messaging allows for both the customer and the banker to have an ongoing thread of communication where they can reply and engage at any time. Customers can often find it challenging and frustrating to have to send in documents for a particular banking need. But with the Lynq app, the customer can simply snap a picture of the document they need to send over and it is instantly transferred to the banker.

Lynq Live and AI

A real-time chat platform with a powerful core that can scale as your digital strategy grows. Agent IQ understands that every digital strategy proceeds at its own pace. And it also needs to start somewhere - even if that’s just a first step. With Lynq Live, you get just that: their powerful core platform that’s stripped down to just what you need. Start with live-chat and add-on for what you need now, and as you grow into the future. Need just real-time chat? No problem. The price will be their lowest and can be implemented in just weeks. Agent IQ loves its service and can talk about it all day, but seeing real proof from real clients about how they are benefiting from the service is also incredibly valuable.

Agent IQ has designed the Lynq platform to combine the best of both human emotion and empathy with the speed and efficiency of computer intelligence. When something is repetitive or time-consuming, like finding the latest mortgage disclosure and rate information, let AI handle that in a snap. When the conversation is more complex like when your customer is afraid of losing their job and they need to know what options they might have with their mortgage, let the human manage that one. AI does a good job of learning processes and procedures, but your customer journeys have been refined through years of learnings and iterations. The Lynq platform’s AI capabilities have been specifically designed for the financial services industry and allow you to configure and refine your customer journeys through the intuitive graphical user interface. With no required coding, Lynq puts the power of AI at your fingertips.

About | Slaven Bilac

Slaven Bilac is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Agent IQ. He leads the engineering team in managing the technology behind the company’s platform from early design to serving in production. Prior to Agent IQ, Slaven worked at Google for more than a decade in both their Japanese and American offices. He specialized in software engineering and helped establish the machine intelligence unit in Google Cloud. Slaven holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Tokyo Institute of Technology with a research focus in Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation. He holds six patents and has published numerous papers at peer reviewed conferences.

"At Agent IQ we believe that augmenting the human banker is a better approach than replacing the human banker. We call this Augmented Intelligence."

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