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All Year Funding Get Funded Faster Than At Your Bank.

All Year Funding Get Funded Faster Than At Your Bank.

The current pandemic has affected businesses all over the world. As countries across the globe scramble to protect their economy, companies continue to be severely affected. Although the pandemic has been a huge setback, business owners are always aware of the risks associated to running businesses and the various factors which can affect them. More often than not, businesses rely on the banks to support their growth and to overcome cash flow difficulties. But banks need collateral, enforce usage restrictions, and the paperwork associated to them is endless.

Led by the Co-Founder, Ofer Valencio Akerman, All Year Funding (AYF) helps businesses overcome these difficulties to fund the next phase of the business growth. It has already helped thousands of businesses generate success with the help of their private funds. Faster than the banks, AYF funds up to $500,000 directly. We interviewed Ofer recently to get an understanding of AYF’s commitment to businesses and their growth. He gave us some exciting insights into the company’s offerings. Read on for the interview.

With so many MCA's and lenders out there, what makes All Year Funding (AYF) such a notable paradigm shift?

Cutting right to the chase, I can say that the most significant advantage AYF provides to the U.S. businesses is the instant availability of customized funds. We make funds available for businesses when they need it and, more importantly, the way they need it. We are not giving loans; we invest in deals with short term potential and great people behind it. When our underwriters evaluate a deal, they take into account the future, not the past, for example, a credit-score. We have developed a powerful Decision Engine based on vital Artificial Intelligence to estimate the likelihood of a successful deal execution. The other pillar of our paradigm shift is based on our corporate values. In a market well known for lack of transparency and appreciation, we established our business on integrity, complete transparency and a win-win model. We never invest in a deal that is not mutually beneficial. Yes, this cuts our profit potential by over 70%, but at the same time, it brings our cost of customer acquisition down significantly. We get referrals daily from businesses that already thrive with our funds. 

What do you mean by direct funding? Who is eligible for this finance?

AYF is a direct funder; this means that we invest our money to help companies stay in business. AYF clients come from all walks of life, but they all have one thing in common: they all need capital to support their business. We have already helped hundreds of companies across America with private investments of over $47,000,000. Companies can access AYF’s private funds to help overcome cash flow difficulties or fund the next phase of their growth. Many companies out there do not have the capital needed to support a business, instead, they appear like a funder, and once they cut the deal, they try to manipulate it into a partnership with the real players like AYF.

At AYF, we do not appreciate this practice, and we offer businesses and brokers to work with us directly.

How does AYF benefit businesses and investors?

We help companies stay in business, despite COVID-19. Our expert team understands what it takes to build a successful business; we've done it before. We know first-hand that business owners put their hearts, time, and money to develop their business, and we do too. Our business is to help American companies succeed with fair, fast, and accessible funding. We see too many companies failing with using the wrong financial instruments. Most lenders and MCA companies are trying to define the interest rate based on the risk. We optimize a capital structure based on the deal potential and the person behind the business. Our financial models are not tuned to maximize interest rates and minimize risk like a typical lender would. We ask ourselves - would that money serve the deal? Would it help the business owner? What would be the most prudent financial structuring?

AYF offers investors the opportunity to put their money in an environment they understand. We are not an interest-based lender; we invest in business opportunities. All our investors come from the business world, and they can easily understand where and how we use their money. We also provide a real-time investment tracker to keep investors in control of their money. When we speak about mutual benefits, we mean for all: the investors, the business, and our business too. We've already invested millions in building the world's most advanced funding platform to provide our partners with full transparency and real-time control. Our investors can easily earn 20% p.a. with the low risk that they can easily understand and control.

What does AYF offer for the brokers?

At AYF, we believe that the best brokers in America serve their deals better than all others. AYF has the Trusted Brokers Network (TBN) system to help brokers service more deals with less spam. They are working with the right funders instead of recycling the details of deals to everybody on the list. In this way, we can guarantee a better business, more profits, and a win-win-win position. Brokers can register on our website.

The Leader Upfront

Ofer Valencio Akerman, Co-Founder

Ofer is a master of business execution and ideas turnaround. He is an authoritative SEO expert for FCA and CFPB regulated financial firms and a certified EU General Data Protection Regulation Practitioner (GDPR-F). Ofer holds a BA in Finance and a Master’s degree in Military Strategies and Diplomacy. With his strategies and guidance, he has helped multi-million dollar companies around the world to thrive through complex challenges.

“We make funds available for businesses when they need it and more importantly, the way they need it.”

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