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An expert in providing frictionless and engaging User Experience in payment processes: Ensygnia

An expert in providing frictionless and engaging User Experience in payment processes: Ensygnia

Ensygnia's solutions sit at the heart of interaction. They work with market leaders helping them deliver innovation and new revenue-generating customer journeys. Ensygnia's flagship product Onescan enables any call-to-action to become an instant action. This delivers beautiful simplicity, allowing consumers to interact securely online, in-store, or on-the-go. Whatever you need to do, you can with Onescan. In the payments world, Ensygnia Onescan allows customers to go from looking to buying in less than 10 seconds.Historically, “omnichannel” has been used to mean a single payment gateway for Online and In-store sales.  And that’s been a novelty for many retailers, as online and offline sales channels have been in separate silos.  Online typically means the main website and offline typically means in-store. Ensygnia's solution delivers sales more quickly, more often and by more channels.  And a channel can be anything physical or digital.  They turn any call-to-action into an instant action.  It becomes a directly actionable trigger enabling an instant purchase

Unified omnichannel

Add a dynamic Onescan code to any device or a static one to printed material, to create a secure mobile interaction be that payment, verification or identity management.Ensygnia designed Onescan to sit seamlessly alongside your silo’ed legacy systems. It’s remarkably quick and easy to configure and integrate as needed. They can accomplish more in a few days than others do in weeks. Ensygnia is allabout user experience, so they’ve designed the platform to allow you to easily brand and personalize it. This is delivered to your customer’s mobile app in real-time — ensuring minimum friction across the Omni-channel. Better customer experience means more advocates for your brand, it’s as simple as that.The beauty of Onescan is it’s driven by a range of transaction triggers. If you’re just using mobile, it can be one touch. If you’re using your mobile to interact with the Omni-channel, then one scan. It combines a visual cue with a call-to-action, creating an action instantly.Onescan drives a slick customer experiences across your entire Omni-channel.


The Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), is an EU Directive intended to bolster payment security and reduce the opportunity for fraud. The directive looks to regulate both payment processes and the payment service providers throughout the European Union.Although administered by the EU and the European Banking Authority (EBA), its reach will be much wider. Regardless of where they are based, banks and other organizations seeking to trade within the EU region will need to implement payment and transaction systems that comply with the new regulations.The Directive also looks to increase pan-European competition and participation in the payments industry, encouraging new entrants (such as non-banks) into the market and leveling-up the playing field on consumer protection with rights and obligations for both payment providers and users.Experience shows that although consumer welcome extra security, too many steps in the payment process also leads to abandoned baskets and a loss of sales – and PSD2 adds another layer to the process.Onescan solution fully meets the requirements of PSD2 but at the same time simplifying the payment process. Onescan combines possession, the ownership of the mobile phone, with either knowledge or inherence. With Onescan the process of authorizing the transaction from the mobile phone involves the use of a PIN, a fingerprint scan or even facial recognition. It fully meets the new regulations.

Secure payments

The payments market can be daunting and confusing to anyone not regularly immersed in it. As a result many companies have adopted a “wait-and-see” approach. Unfortunately this has been disastrous for some who are now being disrupted by online & mobile players moving into bricks and mortar, while they’re faced with store closures.At Ensygnia, driving customer engagement through a brilliant user experience is at the heart of what they do. And as their processes are patented, you cannot get these benefits anywhere else.

Leader behind the success of Ensygnia

Richard H Harris is the CEO and Co-Founder of Ensygnia. He has always believed technology can help solve the world’s problems. He is a natural entrepreneur with a proven track record of building and transforming game changing technology companies, such as Authenticon, Swivel Secure, Mobix, SAVortex, Clearswift and Tumbleweed.

“Unifying user experience across the omnichannel doesn’t have to take as long — or cost as much as you might think. What we can do for a reasonable cost in a matter of days or weeks is well worth talking about”

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