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Arbela Technologies - A technology and business partner specializing in ERP, CRM, and Analytics

Arbela Technologies - A technology and business partner specializing in ERP, CRM, and Analytics

As Microsoft has agreed to collaborate and establish a close working relationship with its tools and services, it validates IT professional and developer technical expertise through rigorous, industry-proven, and industry-recognized exams. Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) covers a wide range of Microsoft products, technologies, and solutions.

Some of the advantages include permission to provide Microsoft-based IT services and products to other businesses or clients, among other things. Arbela Technologies is a global consulting firm and top-rated Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that empowers organizations worldwide to transform and grow their businesses digitally. Their expert consultants offer strategic consulting, implementation services, support, and managed services and pre-built software solutions that help their clients innovate and reinvigorate customer, employee, partner, and supplier experiences and processes using Microsoft technologies.

More than just an award-winning Dynamics partner, Arbela is a technology and business partner dedicated to creating solutions and services customized to support your strategic business goals. Whether your initiative is a complete business system replacement or adding a single functional capability— their solutions, expertise, and proven methodology can help you achieve faster and better results.

Business Strategy and Consulting Services

More than just a Dynamics partner, Arbela is a business advisor to enable achieving your strategic goals. At Arbela, it's never just about a solution implementation or technology project. It's about working with you to realize your existing strategic goals and helping your business reach its true potential.

Assessments: As the critical first step, Arbela offers a myriad of assessments on both the technology and business sides of the equation. While some of their assessments are fast, free, and online, they also offer on-site assessments specific to your business. Current assessments include those applicable to all markets and more granular, vertically focused assessments. 

Digital Transformation: After initial assessments are complete, Arbela introduces the "ingredients" of digital transformation: the tools, technologies, and tactics that will help you realize your vision, all fueled by Microsoft's pillars of empowering employees, engaging clients, optimizing operations, and transforming products and services.  

Change Management: A critical component to lasting success - organizational readiness and change management services are required to ensure your team is prepared and trained for complete and effective adoption of new solutions and systems.

Catalyst Design Thinking & Framework: Their business strategy and consulting service is based on the Catalyst methodology, a design-thinking approach focused on extracting the best strategies to achieve your goals, collaborative prioritization, design prioritization, and road mapping. It is backed by cultural, technical change plans measured through KPIs, adoption, and the over-arching principles and practices that help ensure success. 

Strategic Roadmapping: A strategic roadmap provides your business with the vision to be prepared for the future and sometimes even predict it.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Services

Before Arbela begins any standard implementation, they apply a Catalyst & Design Thinking framework approach. They filter your overarching business strategy, KPIs, technology, and requirements that will best support your goals and objectives through the Microsoft IDEA (Inspire, Design, Empower, Achieve) framework. 

Whether your project is as complex as a complete business system replacement or as simple as a single functional capability to an existing application, the quick implementation methods and services ensure manageable scope and building on the success of the initial deployment, allowing for a more collaborative evolution of your solution.

Additionally, user adoption is the key to successful implementation and the number one reason why implementations fail. Arbela incorporates change management services as part of your implementation, as well as a set of tools and metrics that streamline and measure user adoption.

"Arbela has long served the manufacturing, life sciences, professional services, healthcare, retail and other industries, building solutions tailored to an overarching vertical market and a business's unique goals and KPIs."

Specialized Application services

A Microsoft Dynamics implementation isn't just about the go-live. A successful project requires supporting services — before, during, and after implementation. Arbela offers a robust set of application services that complement their business consulting services, enabling you to maximize your investment. Their solution experts provide custom applications to address your unique business challenges, integration services that go beyond platforms, bringing together the data that drives your business forward, and training programs designed at the enterprise, department, and individual level.

Improved Data and Analytics for a connected business

As one of the leading data analytics companies and a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner, Arbela is uniquely positioned to help your business turn into a data-driven organization: thriving, insightful, actionable. With engineers and business analysts focused on specific drivers in data analytics and making data actionable - such as Power BI, AI, and machine learning, IoT, data management, and BI services - they have the technology and industry-specific experience to turbo-charge your analytics journey. 

With experience in ERP and CRM implementations, cloud infrastructure, managed services and BI, and custom application development, they also have the expertise required to uncover your data no matter where it resides. They help capture, centralize, clean and code data to serve specific strategies, tactics, or even department needs.

About the CEO

Nima Bakhtiary is the President and CEO of Arbela Technologies. He is one of the founders of Arbela Technologies and has been President and CEO since October of 2006. Under his leadership, the organization has become trusted advisors delivering high-value business and technology consulting services to companies worldwide.

Nima brings extensive operations, consulting, supply chain, manufacturing, and technical experience to Arbela. Nima brings extensive experience with various enterprise resource planning (ERP), product life cycle management (PLM), advanced planning and scheduling (APS), demand planning, lean and just-in-time manufacturing solutions. He holds a Master's Degree in Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Michigan.

"Our solutions and services, combined with deep industry experience and a results-based approach, are designed to fit the needs of your organization. We offer cloud-based solutions that reduce cost and complexity – positioning your business for long-term success."

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