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November Edition 2020

Axiom - A new era of legal services

Axiom - A new era of legal services

Legal System is one of the most broken and deprived industries in terms of innovation. While we see every other system marching ahead with the latest technologies, the legal system has been confined to a small group of people. Most of the general public is unaware or uneducated in legal terms.

Crushed by the weight of a century of precedent, the legal industry lumbered into the millennium. The burden of the billable hour, the partnership pyramid, and an economy in flux had left associates tired, partners spooked, CEOs in open revolt, and GCs scrambling. Some chose to stick to their guns and press forward as they always had. Others saw an opportunity for innovation. After all, with the industry after industry being reborn through tech-led thinking and business acumen, why not legal services?

Axiom is the global leader in high-caliber, an on-demand legal talent that aims to bring in a new legal services era. With over 2,400 employees spanning North America, the UK, Europe, and APAC, they enable corporate legal departments to drive efficiency and growth and to adapt to a demanding new era.

Axiom matches world-class legal talent to technology businesses' complex needs, enabling them to embrace innovation and mitigate risk. At Axiom, you can work with highly respected companies and define your work preferences. Axiom allows you to select engagements that fit your life and interests. You can also choose when and how you work - from working remotely to taking time off when you need it.

Axiom for Businesses

The business world is fast-paced, much regulated, and less predictable than ever before. Increasingly, in-house legal teams need to deliver against strategic business needs, despite tight budgets and bandwidth. Axiom's lawyers bring deep commercial experience and business acumen to your team and quickly integrate into your culture to add value to your organization.

Axiom's lawyers practice in areas that range from traditional commercial topics to emerging areas of law, helping you build an unsurpassed team of world-class experts. Also, they are more diverse than industry standards and benefit from ongoing business and legal training.

Axiom for Lawyers

Highly respected lawyers come to Axiom at different phases of their careers to deliver legal and business acumen to world-class companies. Axiom's employment model enables you to take advantage of the stability of consistent, engaging work and frees you from business development. You can choose your engagements and take time off whenever you need it. Axiom is committed to hiring and supporting a diverse group of employees and is proud to report that their lawyer population is significantly more diverse than industry standards.

Axiom for Law Firms

Axiom matches diverse, global talent with law firms' needs to help them scale and meet their evolving business strategies and goals. With Axiom, you get to access world-class talent. It has a highly selective bench of 2400+ legal professionals whose expertise spans industries and practice areas.

Axiom helps you build a dynamic legal team. Over half of the Fortune 100 are Axiom's clients; four of the top five companies in technology, professional services, life sciences, and manufacturing are clients; three of the top five financial services companies are Axiom's clients. It delivers additional cost efficiencies by covering overhead and professional development costs. It has partnered with two AMLAW10 firms to generate significant cost savings for shared clients; 53% of law firms reported partnering with ALSPs could be a differentiation point for clients.

About the CEO

David McVeigh is the CEO of Axiom. He is a highly accomplished and results-oriented business professional with 28 years of business leadership, management consulting, and private equity portfolio company management. He has deep and broad expertise in corporate and business unit strategy, B2B sales and marketing, product/service development and commercialization, procurement, organization design and development, and project/initiative management.

David is a customer-centric executive with a proven ability to drive revenue and profit growth across a wide variety of industries, including business services and consulting, private equity, healthcare, information/data services, software, insurance, retail, chemicals, packaging, and industrial manufacturing. He holds excellence in recruiting, developing, motivating, and retaining high-performance teams.

"Driven by a spirit of exploration, we've been at the center of the changing legal industry for two decades, asking the big questions on behalf of lawyers, GCs, and the industry as a whole."

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