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Balbix – Enabling organizations to transform their cybersecurity posture and quantifiably reduce their breach risk

Balbix – Enabling organizations to transform their cybersecurity posture and quantifiably reduce their breach risk

Emerging technologies put cybersecurity at risk. Even the new advancements in defensive strategies of security professionals fail at some point. Besides, as offensive-defensive strategies and innovations are running in a never-ending cycle, cyberattacks' complexity and volume have increased. Combining the strength of artificial intelligence (AI) with cybersecurity, security professionals have additional resources to defend vulnerable networks and data from cyber attackers. Data security is now more vital than ever. Updating existing cybersecurity solutions and enforcing every possible applicable security layer doesn't ensure that your data is breach-proof. But, having a strong support of advanced technologies will ease the task of security professionals.

Balbix is the world's first cybersecurity platform to leverage specialized AI to provide real-time visibility into an organization's breach risk. The system predicts where and how breaches are likely to happen, prescribes prioritized mitigating actions, and enables workflows to address the underlying security issues.  Balbix enables CISOs and CIOs to transform their organization's cybersecurity posture, reducing cyber risk by 95% or more while making security teams ten times more efficient. It counts many global 1000 companies among its rapidly growing customer base.

Strategic solutions and services

Balbix BreachControlTM: Balbix uses specialized AI algorithms to discover and analyze the enterprise attack surface to give a 100x more accurate view of breach risk. Balbix also provides a prioritized set of actions that you can take to transform your cybersecurity posture and reduce cyber-risk by 95% or more while making your security team 10X more efficient. To accurately quantify breach risk, it continuously analyzes up to several hundred billion time-varying signals from your network. It enables you to address these challenges and make the right decisions to transform your cybersecurity posture and reduce breach risk.

Cybersecurity Posture Improvement: Balbix generates prioritized tickets with relevant context assigned to the right owners for strategic and tactical mitigating actions. Notifications, leaderboards, and incentives can be set up for a gamified approach to drive cyber-risk reduction. Balbix replaces many point products that cover different parts of your attack surface with a single system. You minimize multi-vendor complexity and reduce tool fatigue. It continuously discovers your attack surface and understands your defenses to provide you with comprehensive cybersecurity visibility. This 24×7 analysis covers on-prem, cloud, and mobile assets, including unmanaged systems and non-traditional assets. Each asset is continuously analyzed for risk across 100+ attack vectors. With this level of visibility, you gain insights into your defenses' weaknesses, which can help you prioritize and drive remediation actions.

Map security visibility to business areas: Organizations have different top risk concerns based on their business nature. Legacy cybersecurity visibility treats all security issues the same way or uses opinions based on qualitative assumptions to map them to business areas. Balbix lets you define risk areas appropriate for your business using natural language search and then maps your vulnerabilities to these areas. For example, one such risk area can be "intellectual property," and Balbix will let you analyze, prioritize, and remediate vulnerable assets that contain intellectual property. You can also report on "risk to intellectual property" in a quantified manner to your board of directors and other stakeholders.

Gamification of Cybersecurity Posture Transformation: The first line of defense in any cybersecurity program is the individual risk owners. Being closest to the situation (and if provided with the right context and goals) can be very effective in remediating risk. Gamification of your cybersecurity practice involves leveraging people's natural desires for learning, mastery, competing, achievement, status, recognition, and rewards towards reducing your organization's overall breach risk. Visionary CISOs have found it very effective to use ad-hoc gamification in pushing down ownership of cyber-risk management to individual risk owners. Balbix provides platform capabilities that enable CISOs to operationalize cybersecurity gamification.

Meet the leader

Dr. Gaurav Banga is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Balbix and serves on several companies' boards. Before Balbix, he was the co-founder and CEO of Bromium and led the company from inception for over five years. Earlier in his career, he served in various executive roles at Phoenix Technologies and Intellisync Corporation and was Co-founder and CEO of PDAapps, acquired by Intellisync in 2005. Dr. Gaurav has a Ph.D. in CS from Rice University and a B.Tech from IIT Delhi. He is a prolific inventor with over 60 patents.

"Our goal is to provide every organization with a comprehensive and real-time view into their breach risk along with specific prioritized insights and integrations."

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