Alexa BlueVoyant: Exceptional Intelligence and Cyber Defense for Your Business
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BlueVoyant: Exceptional Intelligence and Cyber Defense for Your Business

BlueVoyant: Exceptional Intelligence and Cyber Defense for Your Business

With the rise in the rate of cybercrimes, there is also a substantial rise in the number of cybersecurity measures and firms coming up to prevent cyber-attacks and keep confidential data safe. However, in the event of a cyber-attack, there isn’t much to do after the data has already been compromised except to take measures to prevent the event from happening again. Firms like BlueVoyant aim to detect threats before they take place and put preventive measures in place to make sure that there isn’t any possibility for breach of data.

BlueVoyant is a cybersecurity services company that prides itself in its ability to maintain the agility and passion of a start-up with expertise only seen in well-established organizations. It is built with a unique purpose and unparalleled support to protect organizations of all sizes against agile and well-funded adversaries. Equipped with capital, BlueVoyant’s leadership set out to build a better cybersecurity model. Its priorities were to hire the top talents from the industry and acquire the best technology and data to deliver exceptional threat intelligence to large organizations and scalable services comprised of intelligence, technology and expertise to resource-constrained teams.

In 2017, BlueVoyant was built from the ground up.  Its team is made up of problem solvers who are energized by the idea of outsmarting threat actors. Because they are built on best-of-breed technology, proprietary service models, threat intelligence data and expert analysts, BlueVoyant is uniquely positioned to focus energy on the evolving threat landscape.

BlueVoyant operates in three primary verticals namely Threat intelligence, Managed Security Services and Professional Services.


Data theft, brand impersonation, and the construction of malicious Internet infrastructures for fraudulent activity are realities that companies must acknowledge and defend against. From fake websites, phishing schemes, and misleading domain names to complex, multi-vector attacks, well-financed, agile threat actors outside your organization are busy devising meticulous, pre-planned attacks that, by their very nature, go unnoticed by traditional security measures.

BlueVoyant Threat Intelligence Services monitor your external attack surface, assess emerging risks, and deliver timely, actionable intelligence specific to your organization and your supply chain.

Early Warning

Provide advanced warning of impending cyber-attacks days or weeks before other services. Reduce the risk of attack from malicious Internet infrastructure.


Enrich your alerts with external threat intelligence which informs investigations and identifies attacker infrastructure. Prioritize threats and eliminate those that put your business at the greatest risk.

Third-Party Risk

Assess third-party risk based on external monitoring of threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities. Identify weaknesses in your supply chain before they can be used to steal data from you and your clients.


Threat actors want your data. Their attacks range from nuisance-level threats to complete business disruption and loss of client confidence. BlueVoyant’s Managed Security Services helps clients achieve the same level of security previously available to only the largest, most well-defended organizations.BlueVoyant combines an expert team, comprehensive threat data analytics, and comprehensive services and solutions to address the multiple cybersecurity needs of businesses today.

In the event of a breach of security, BlueVoyant offers Threat Intelligence Data, Professional Expertise, Technology Stack Platform, and Wavelength™ Client Platform.


Keeping the bad guys out is a difficult job; discovering them and completely ousting them after they are inside is much worse. BlueVoyant combines proven front line experience responding to advanced cyber threats with expertise in building world class defensive cybersecurity programs to stop threat actors in their tracks. Its team’s knowledge of attacker methodologies matched with its access to the latest threat intelligence enables us to fully prevent, assess, respond, and remediate your cybersecurity events.

How BlueVoyant’s Professional Services Work:

The Professional Services team members work alongside former Intelligence Community operators who have performed offensive cyber operations in support of National Intelligence operations requirements. BlueVoyant’s experts have encountered the most sophisticated criminal, nation state, and hacktivists actors and our human intelligence analysts have learned their tactics in order to help clients prevent, identify, and respond to cybersecurity problems across their entire enterprise. BlueVoyant integrates IT Security and Business Units for more effective responses to complex and multi-pronged attacks.


BlueVoyant’s Cyber Forensics and Incident Response team, founded by former FBI cyber division special agents and forensic investigators, have experience in leading some of the nation’s most high profile and complex cyber investigations.

BlueVoyant is armed with decades of real world cyber investigative experience within every major industry. Whether you are dealing with insider threats, a ransomware infection, business email compromise, or a complete malware based network compromise, BlueVoyant has the tools and experience to make sure your organization is able to eliminate the threat and ensure protection of your brand, reputation, and assets.

With BlueVoyant, firms can access Cybersecurity risks, Mature Current Security Posture, and Receive Tailored Offerings and Services.

  • Assess Cybersecurity Risks: BlueVoyant uses a carefully developed, proprietary assessment framework to help clients fully understand their entire cybersecurity posture, cybersecurity risks, infrastructure gaps, and external vulnerability blind spots.
  • Mature Your Current Security Posture:Strengthen your cybersecurity through right-sized improvements and enhancements designed to target prioritized risks.BlueVoyant works with IT teams to create organization-specific recommendations that are robust, relevant, and right-sized.
  • Received Tailored Offerings and Services: Detailed knowledge and unmatched experience enable our team to identify and prioritize the most relevant threats to your organization.

Meet the Key Executive

Jim Rosenthal, CEO:  Jim is the co-founder and CEO of BlueVoyant. He was the Chief Operating Officer of Morgan Stanley until 2017. At Morgan Stanley, he was responsible to the CEO and the Board of Directors for Cybersecurity.

Jim is the recipient of the 2017 Critical Infrastructure Protection Award from the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center. He is the co-Chairman of Sheltered Harbor, a consortium of major banks, securities firms, industry associations, and technology service providers with the mission of preserving systemic confidence in the event of a cyberattack.

He is the past Chairman of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, and has chaired its Cybersecurity Committee from 2014-2017.                               

“With BlueVoyant, firms can access Cybersecurity risks, Mature Current Security Posture, and Receive Tailored Offerings and Services.”

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