Alexa BrainSell – Helping Companies of All Sizes Grow by Implementing Robust Business Strategies and Digital Roadmap
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December Edition 2021

BrainSell – Helping Companies of All Sizes Grow by Implementing Robust Business Strategies and Digital Roadmap

BrainSell – Helping Companies of All Sizes Grow by Implementing Robust Business Strategies and Digital Roadmap

Market Research is becoming the secret weapon that helps with insights and a snapshot of the big picture for businesses. As a strong backbone of business strategy, market research helps identify and understand the market scenario the business operates in and helps build a framework. In the complex world of business that we maneuver today, it helps gain insight into the target markets, gathers detailed information about the customer and exposes the competition and the competitive landscape. Market Research Consultant can bring in both external and internal data, qualitative or quantitative in nature and derive insights and analysis from client specific satisfaction matrices all the way to employer brand quotient and maintain a pulse of positioning for the business or organization. Predictive behavioral analytics, consumer prerequisite information, motivation analysis, choice Modelling and product perception testing are some of the new age applications of market research that is setting precedent and making market research a key strategic investment. Market Research Consultants are crucial today to form a multi-dimensional view of the business and the way it is structured to grow, at every stage of its lifecycle.

BrainSell is one such company that specializes in helping companies position their people, processes, and technology to drive smarter business growth. It has been helping companies of all shapes and sizes across North America crush their goals with business consulting and technology solutions since its inception. They are a growth enablement company. They help companies of all sizes grow and scale by defining and implementing a digital roadmap supporting their overall business strategy. With the right business processes, people, technology, and data, they can help educate you on all the possible solutions to help you achieve your growth objectives.

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Solution Blueprint: When it comes to new technologies, it seems more productive to skip the planning phase and get right into checking out products. But that’s like building a house without a blueprint. Chances are it’s not going to end well. The same goes for business technology. If you want a seamless implementation experience and an end solution that really delivers, you’ll need a Solution Blueprint first. Think of a solution blueprint as a roadmap for success. More specifically, it’s a detailed action plan for business technology implementation. This plan includes a thorough analysis of your organization’s people, processes, and technologies. One of the biggest risk factors of a failed implementation is oversight of integration capabilities, which is why they incorporate a plan for tech stack integration right into the solution blueprint. The biggest benefit to solution blueprint services is that you don’t have to do any heavy lifting. The team of solution architects, business analysts, and data wranglers will do the research and planning for you, so you focus on running day-to-day operations.

Business Process Redesign: A Business Process Redesign aims to help you assess your business processes to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and gaps. The goal is to build out an actionable roadmap to better position your team for growth around the people, processes, technology, and data your team uses daily. With BrainSell’s help, your team will receive a game plan to better position them for growth. With that, you will then be able to give your team the marching orders they need to streamline processes and gather the resources you need to drive results. They are results-driven facilitators and tenacious technology nerds with highly functional expertise and deeply personal experience with planning and implementation. They are also firm believers in transparency and responsiveness, even when there’s no progress to share. You’ll never be left in the dark.

Vendor Analysis and Selection: A holistic, personalized technology selection process that helps you build the growth enablement tech stack of your dreams. With so many technology options on the market, researching and identifying the right option for your business needs can be a real headache. Through its Vendor Analysis and Selection service, they act as an unbiased partner, researcher, and mediator for discussions around selecting technologies that will position your business for growth. With a Vendor Analysis Selection, you get an industry expert with the time and resources to help in your research efforts. Their knowledge of the marketplace, and thorough analysis process, will better position you to identify and implement the technology that best addresses your needs.

Technology Integration: Technology Integration is the process of tying all your systems together so they can communicate with one another and position your team to work efficiently. The company uses intimate knowledge of products and business strategies to connect your systems and streamline how your tech stacks works together to complete your business objectives. With a thorough Technology Integration, you and your team can break down the silos in your tech stack to ensure the insights needed to succeed are available across the entire organization. With that, you and your teams can stay on the same page, work with the most accurate insights, and streamline business processes to drive growth.

Remote CRM Administration: Remote CRM Administration allows your company access to its on-demand, certified CRM administrators to ensure your CRM platform is used to full capability. A dedicated CRM admin will lead to a higher ROI from your technology and help streamline your internal processes to fuel growth. With Remote CRM Administration service you get on-demand access to expert CRM administrators without the overhead of hiring another employee. And you gain more time to focus on what matters – business growth and success.

Business Analytics: Business Analytics are the lifeblood of healthy growing companies. This can include new ways to assess data through the help of dashboards, charts, and other data visualizations. With BrainSell’s help, you and your team can learn new processes and techniques to better predict business outcomes, assess risk, or develop long-term strategies. The company will guide you down the path to data mastery. They will provide you the tactics, tools, and strategies to use your data to power your business growth. This includes positioning your team to understand what’s working, what’s not working, create more predictable outcomes, and set the stage for newer business intelligence technology like Artificial Intelligence.

Data Migration & Integration: The possibilities are endless after a Data Migration or Data Integration! Alongside the added benefits of possibly upgrading any outdated systems, an effective Data Migration can help prep for a data purge, append, or deduplication to clean up your dirty data. An effective Data Migration can also position your data in a data warehouse or “data lake” that ultimately enables you to put your data in the solutions you need it in. Effective data integration makes valuable insights available in the systems you use on a daily basis. This means less bouncing back and forth between different platforms, and less manual headaches of uploading data from one system into another. It also makes data available in nearly real-time.: Today’s businesses are collecting enormous quantities of data. However, more data means more headaches when updating technology based on business trends. The company’s Data Migration & Integration services help you move large quantities of data across multiple systems and ensure security is the top priority.

The Leader Upfront

Jim Ward is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of BrainSell. He founded BrainSell in 1994 with the goal of providing businesses with the insights and tools needed to thrive, even in challenging economies. Jim has spent more than 27 years helping businesses apply innovative sales and marketing techniques to improve their performance. Since then, he has built BrainSell into a dynamic growth enablement company helping companies grow and scale.

“Our Mission is to help you thrive by solving your business challenges with guidance and technology.”

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